Hair Weaving Courses

If you grew up struggling to braid your own hair and embellishing your crown as a little girl, chances are you’re a hair enthusiast by now. And for an individual with such interests, there’s nothing more exciting than the opportunity to get hands-on experience with hair styling.

I know many amateur hairstylists in the industry who are struggling to increase their clientele by being better at what they do. But sometimes practice is not all you need; practice with proper training is what your expertise might lack.

This is why I’m committed to offer personalized hair weaving courses that’ll help me share my expertise with all hairstylists and help them grow from novices to specialists.

Micro Link Extensions With Flat Seamless Waves

This is a course that’ll help you perfect this braid-less hair extensions technique. This procedure will show you how to perfect the art of applying hair extensions with a precision that’ll leave no need for frequent maintenance.

This is a customized course that has been created exclusively to perfect this method of adding extensions for extra volume. Here are some of the key takeaways from this course:

  • Correct placement of beads
  • Optimum pressure that needs to be applied for minimum hair breakage
  • The technique of sewing wefts for contouring waves
  • Identify hair types that are best suited for this method

If you want to benefit from the 25 years of experience that I have perfecting this technique, sign up for this course now.

Sewing Traditional Flat Waves

This course has always been a great learning experience for all my students because it combines a range of specialized techniques. By the end of it, you’ll be an expert at offering traditional sew-in extensions for perfectly seamless contours in wavy hair.

The areas that this course will focus on include sewing techniques that work on reducing extra bulk and minimize gaps that weaken the braided foundation. It’ll help you learn how to render a solid weave that creates seamless yet firm waves that last the promised duration.

Here are some key teachings that this course will focus on:

  • Braided rows for better blending
  • Weaving wefts without leaving out
  • Weaving with a fine closure

Solid Weaving Foundation For Lasting Results

If a client comes up to you for flat, seamless waves, that’s exactly what you should be able to give them. A good, solid foundation is the key to having wavy contours that’ll last a long time.

In this course, I’ll be focusing on teaching you the best braiding patterns that’ll lay flat and allow for excellent results. Since traditional weaving fundamentally relies on good braiding, that’s one feature that we’ll focus on heavily.

Here’s what the course will aim to achieve:

  • Braiding for flat rows
  • Leaving out while braiding, with or without a perimeter
  • Braiding for no leave out during full sew in

If you want to have a strong base of happy clients of your own, you need to excel at the skill of braiding the flattest weaves.

I’m offering hair weaving courses for beginners in Catonsville, Maryland that’ll be a good investment to make if you want to excel at your craft! Contact me right here to sign up for the courses.


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