Has your hair gone rogue? Humidity can really be a bummer when you have frizzy hair but all you want to do is just be outside to enjoy the weather. Frizzy hair can occur when the cuticle layer of your hair allows the moisture to pass through it, making the strands swell and leaving your hair feeling dry.

There are many other causes of frizzy hair and you’re definitely no alone in trying to tame them! While the weather can play a huge role in how frizzy your hair gets, preventing frizzy hair begins with one simple step: caring for your hair the way it needs to be taken care off.

The worse thing to do for frizzy hair is to be careless with it. Here are some hair care tips that can help you tame that frizz!

Some Don’t Like It Hot

Start by figuring out your hair’s natural texture. If your hair is generally silky, straight and smooth, hot, long showers are a welcome deal. But if your hair is naturally frizzy, hot and long showers are basically a recipe for disaster! The hotter the temperature of the water is, the more your hair will be stripped of the natural hair oils that help keep the frizz away. For frizzy hair, lukewarm water does it best!

Fixing Your Hair Regime

Once you’ve identified your hair type, determine the level of care and the type of hair care regime it needs.

Straight hair can be washed several times a week. However, naturally curly and textured hairs need all the natural oils it can get so washing your hair once or twice a week at most should help. Always rinse your naturally curly hair with cool water to help seal the moisture in your follicles.

Regardless of your hair texture, always deep condition your hair at least once a month to help keep it hydrated. If you wear hair extensions and if your hair is color-treated, your hair might need some extra love and attention.

Away With the Heat-Styling and Excessive Product Usage!

Heat styling techniques, such as blow-drying your hair or using a flat iron on it too frequently, will not only dry out your hair, making its natural texture more unmanageable, but it will also turn the frizz into a long-term problem.

Try to minimize the exposure of your hair to heat styling and always use a heat-protective serum to help your hair retain its natural moisture. Moreover, take note of the kind of products you use in your hair. Shampoos containing sulfate a curly girl’s worst enemy. Try to stick to products with less harsh chemicals, to give your hair the protection it needs.

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