Have you been on the fence about getting hair extensions? Are they a good investment? How can they be styled? All of these are reasonably good questions to ask, especially when you’re deciding if hair extensions are for you.

Hair extensions are easy and efficient ways to amp up the volume of your hair and add extra length without waiting for your hair to grow out. They are easy to maintain and look and feel exactly like natural hair.

Here are a few ways hair extensions can be used.

Take Your Messy Buns To The Next Level

We all love messy buns! They’re cute, easy to do and are a great solution for second and third day hair or even a bad hair day! Hair extensions are a great way to add some dimension into textured hair styles like some ponytail hair styles and messy buns.

Adding Length And Volume

If you’re someone who loves experimenting with their hair, hair extensions are one of the best ways to get a new style frequently! You can go from short to long and mid-length whenever you want! And while many of us love the idea of thick hair, not all of us are blessed with them naturally, no matter how many DIY methods we use! This is where hair extensions come in to end our woes!

Creating Thicker Braids for the Perfect Hair Style

How many times have you skimmed over Pinterest boards for braided hairdo’s only to realize you either don’t have the length or the thickness to make your braid look as effortless as on the board? Hair extensions are a brilliant way to experiment with all the types of braids that require a fuller look at the base and the strands, such as the fishtail, Dutch or mermaid braid.

Highlights or Ombre without Color Treatment!

Are you scared of the post-color treatment damage that your hair might face? Or maybe you’d just like to see a new color but not stay with it for the next six months? Hair extensions are just the solution you’re looking for! With the help of extensions, you can add a few highlights to your hair or go for a more dramatic look added to your natural hair!

Hair extensions come in all shapes and sizes. The best way to ensure that you get the most out of your hair extension experience is by getting the ones that are right for you.

Convinced to give it a shot? Wondering what the best place is to get them installed?

Hair Weaves and Extensions is one of the  top hair salons in maryland which offers a wide range of services in hair styling, hair weaves and micro-link hair extensions.

Having had an experience of over 20 years as a professional cosmetologist, the owner Lisa ensures all her clients’ queries are addressed well before they start getting the services at her salon. By offering individual attention and consultation, Lisa ensures that all her clients walk out of the salon feeling 100% happy and satisfied with their new hair.

Reach out to Hair Weaves and Extensions at 410-744-4900 for details and appointments.

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