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It’s easy for a curly weave to get tangled and messy and leave you wondering if all that money was worth it. When you take care of your weave, you can make it last and look fabulous for a long time!

Girls with curly hair weaves face much of the same issues as girls with curly hair do. Your hair/ weave can get matt and some days you can’t even recognize it because it’s a hot mess. The key is to be patient and use some essential hair maintenance tips to make that weave last longer.

Who doesn’t want to look flawless and flaunt their beautiful curls 24/7? These tips will help you look perfect in your curly weave for every occasion!

Condition and squish generously!

Curly hair lacks moisture naturally that’s why it needs a little extra boost of hydration.

Curly girls notice their hair getting dull and limp quite often but don’t be alarmed! You’re not alone and this is nothing a little regular deep conditioning can’t fix.

You can deep condition with a hair mask or natural methods every other day if you feel like your hair is extra thirsty.

Tip: if you have any special events coming up, prep your hair by deep conditioning regularly for at least a month prior to the event.

Avoid heat based styling

This might seem like a long shot, especially if you’re obsessed with your curling iron, but too much heat damage, isn’t good for the long run.

The best part about curls is that they already have a lot of texture and all they need is gentle manipulation.

Take your favorite styling products and use your fingers to create curls on the crown or wherever you see frizz.

heat based styling

Detangle with love

Whenever you wash your hair, remember to a) go easy on the shampoo, because it dries your hair out and b) detangle in the shower with a wide tooth comb.

The best way to detangle them is to start from the bottom and work your way up to the roots. This reduces the chances of causing your hair to break and get damaged unnecessarily.

Make sure you provide ample support to your attachment so you don’t tug at it too much!

Go natural

Don’t let the frizz get you down, it’s totally normal. To calm it down, especially when you have to go out, you can try natural methods.

Our favorite is using a walnut sized amount of natural oil with a drop of essential oil and rubbing it all over the hair, concentrating on the part which frizzes the most.

Looking for expert styling tips for your curly weave extensions? Contact me for all the help you need. You can also take courses for hair weaving classes in Maryland where we help you learn how to sew in a traditional weave.


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