Baddie Hairstyles

Loud. Proud. Uninhibited.

There’s no other way to describe the latest Instagram baddie trend that’s been taking social media by storm. While the trend started on Instagram, it’s become a popular statement on other platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, high-end runways, and the streets of Catonsville!

If you’ve been thinking of experimenting with your look but can’t seem to justify spending hours achieving a glam makeover, we’ve got you covered with some easy ways you can start things off!

We’ve been on the lookout for the hottest Instagram baddie hairstyles in Maryland and the verdict is in. Read on for some inspiration so you can tweak your locks for a sleek and contemporary look that screams boldness and fun!

1. Pull Those Locks Back Without Hiding Your Stunning Volume

As a loud declaration of female fierceness and style at its best, the Instagram baddie look thrives off of everything bold and unique.

Show off your thick and voluminous hair by pulling it back and securing it in place near your ears. For extra drama, secure your hair near the nape of your neck.

By leaving your hair open at the back, you’ll achieve the perfect balance between business at the front and ultra-glamorous party at the back.

Go the extra mile by donning a bold red lip and wearing colorful hoops that do justice to the fun and flirty goddess in you. Pop in your favorite Lizzo track (we recommend Truth Hurts) and you’ll be ready to hit the streets of Catonsville!

2. A Side-Swept Pop of Color

baddie persona

What better way to manifest your inner Instagram baddie persona than by opting for a fresh pop of color?

Take things a step further by sweeping your hair to one side. Not only will this add refreshing pizzazz to your look, but it’ll also do justice to the edgy and unique labels of the Instagram baddie look.

If your hair lacks the volume and bounce required for this look, we recommend indulging in a pair of luscious hair extensions. By equipping your locks with the perfect amount of texture and oomph, extensions will help you pull off this Instagram baddie hair look without spending hours on texturizing spray and mousse.

Here’s some color inspiration to help you kick things off!

3. Sleek Mid-Part Platinum Hairstyle

 Platinum Hairstyle

There’s no other look that represents the Instagram baddie persona as well as a pair of sleek and luscious platinum locks parted in the middle. As spring rolls in, this look will help you show off your favorite flirty pieces without worrying about color overload.

From Kylie Jenner to Karlie Kloss, our favorite A-listers have been showing off their platinum locks in all their glory this year. While you may think the look screams maintenance, platinum locks are a breeze to pull off!

If you’re still afraid of commitment, leave the color change for another day and indulge in dreamy length and sleekness by opting for damage and hassle-free sew-in weave. Whether you opt for lace closure, frontal, or netting, you’ll achieve a dreamy makeover that makes you feel just as stunning as you look.

4. Unlock Your Instagram Baddie Potential With Floral Magic

Floral Magic

Grab some intricate artificial flowers and head to your vanity! As one of the most popular looks of the year, this hairstyle will take you minutes to achieve and ultimately leave you with a strong Instagram presence.

We recommend leaving your stunning locks open and delicately placing soft and fluffy flowers in between. Weave the tendrils between strands for a touch of ethereal magic that takes your look to new heights.

For added luster and shine, run some organic African shea butter through your strands. To top things off, we recommend taking some soft and breezy Instagram photos that solidify your Instagram baddie status!

5. Hit the Streets of Catonsville With Swoon-Worthy Waves

Simplify things without forgoing glamour and heavenly magic by indulging in dreamy waves that show that you mean business.

Whether you use a curling iron or let your natural locks loose, this sleek and Barbie-esque look will transport you to the 80s while retaining an edge of contemporary beauty and boldness.

Want to go the extra mile? Indulge in a stunning color change. As one of the most popular hair colors among Instagram baddies, mulberry locks will add the perfect pop of feisty flavor to your look.

Top things off with matching knee-high boots, a dazzling clutch and complementary gold accessories!

Ready to give yourself a glamorous makeover? Start off by getting a pair of sleek and stunning hair extensions that equip you with mega volume and length! By saving you time and money in the long run, extensions will help you wake up with bombshell hair each day and breeze through the door without spending hours on styling.

Check out our wide range of hair extension services to get started! We also offer nourishing hair care products and hair weave courses in Catonsville, Maryland.

For more information, call us at 410-744-4900. We’re always happy to help!


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