Hair Trends

With 2020 in full swing, we’ve been seeing some stunning hair trends on high-end runways and the streets of Maryland.

While some of these bold statements have carried forward from 2019, most of them are new looks that are set to dominate the hair industry this decade!

From Bella Hadid to Zendaya, our favorites have been rocking some crazy dos, and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be getting replaced any time soon.

Here’s a roundup of these bombshell hair trends that you need to try this year!

1. Unapologetically Big & Bold Hair

Big and bold hair has been taking 2020 by storm, and we’re not mad about it in the least. While 2019 was the year of volume and texture, 2020 has added a cherry on top of that trend by bringing in some extra oomph and glamour.

Whether you were genetically blessed with long locks and depth or need a little extra help by getting a traditional sew in weave, your new do is bound to make more than a few heads turn.

Pair your look with a stunning pair of accessories, including some bold shades, a fresh set of acrylics and statement rings.

2. Laid Edges

Laid edges have been the most-talked about trend of 2020. Women of color have been making the most of this look by taking their creativity to new heights. Whether you lay your edges the conventional way or try unique twists and patterns, there’s no way you could go wrong!

Laid Edges

We recommend laying your edges with pure shea butter or organic conditioning pomade for a sleek look that lasts all day.

Take your look to the next level by bringing all the attention to your eyes with bold eye shadows, and nourish your lips with a glossy layer of hydrating nude lipstick.

3. New Year, New Wigs!

From Kylie Jenner’s new looks every other week to Zendaya’s colored locks, celebrities have been obsessed with wigs in 2020.

This trend has now found its way to the streets of Maryland.

If you want to transform your look at an affordable price, we recommend investing in a stunning custom wig that will fit your head to perfection, so you don’t have to worry about any imperfections or blending errors.

4. The Bedhead Look Perfected

From the “no make-up” make-up look to perfectly imperfect bedhead hair, everyone has been obsessed with a messy look that still appears put-together.

This doesn’t mean you wake up and walk out the door with whatever state your hair naturally presented! The idea is to achieve an effortless look that screams volume and texture without looking too messy.

Run some shea butter or conditioning pomade through your hair to add smoothness and shine while preventing frizz. Achieve volume and texture by raking your hands through your hair gently but firmly for natural curling, crimping, and a tousling effect that doesn’t look overdone.

5. Bold Blunt Bangs

Bold Blunt Bangs

Leave it to Zendaya to know what’s trendy before the rest of the world catches on. Or perhaps this bombshell beauty set this trend in the first place! Either way, blunt bangs have been garnering an increasing amount of attention recently for their effortless yet sophisticated look.

If you’ve been playing with the thought of getting bangs for a while now, this may be the perfect time to get a fresh new look that shows off your personality and spunky style.

Still can’t stop thinking about how stunning a full head of bold locks would be?

Add life and bounce to your hair this year by getting in touch with our professional hairstylist and hair extensions specialist, Lisa. Whether you require a custom wig, hair extensions, or a traditional braid and sew weave, she’ll ensure your hair looks big, bold, and fabulous!


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