Getting the perfectly shiny, Instagram-worthy locks requires a lot of TLC, time and effort. You may be doing everything you think will give you hair like the hair models you see in magazines, but are still left with a mop of limp, dead hair that refuses to be tamed!

But what exactly are you doing wrong? Sometimes, we end up damaging our hair without even knowing what we’re doing! The first step of the process to thicker, more luscious hair is to stop committing these grave hair mistakes:

Washing Every Day

Washing your hair too often strips it of its natural oils that are responsible for protecting your hair from heat damage and breakage. These are also what lend your hair its shine and prevent hair dyes from fading too quickly.

Hair should be washed only as needed, which is usually once every two to three days. In case you have naturally greasy hair, or tend to work up a sweat more often, investing in a good dry shampoo may be a good idea.

Brushing Your Hair while it’s Wet

Wet hair is typically weaker than dry hair and tends to snap more easily when a brush is tugged through it. Trying to force tangles apart while your hair is wet is one of the worst things you could do to it!

Instead, work out knots and tangles before hopping into the shower. Use a wide-toothed comb while in the shower, working out tangles from the bottom up.

Sleeping With Your Hair Tied

If you’re habitual of sleeping with your hair tied back with a hair tie in place, you may be causing hair breakage without knowing it! Wrap your hair with a soft scrunchie instead of a plastic hair tie, or wrap it in a silk scarf or bandana to prevent breakage.

Skipping Heat-Protectant

Using heat styling products on your hair without protecting your locks against the intense temperature could not only strip the hair strand of their oils, it could dehydrate the hair, making it look brittle, dry and more prone to breakage.

Using Too Many Hair Products

In your search for the perfect hair care routine, you’ve probably amassed a fortune of hair styling and hair care products over the years. They’re actually doing your hair more harm than good!

The only things your hair needs are: heat protectant, gentle styling product and a finishing product. Throw away all those additional serums, oils and the dozens of hair masks you’ve been subjecting your hair to. You’re not only doing your hair wonders—but also your pocket!

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