Self Love

As individuals, we tend to be very hard on ourselves. It’s almost as if it’s criminal to be happy with the way you are. While some might say society plays a huge part in all of this, what’s more important is to break down these walls.

No one is perfect and we are all well-aware of that, yet there’s this subconscious pressure to be perfect in every way. As women, we tend to tear ourselves down due to our appearance. 56% of women admit to being unhappy with their overall appearance. Well today I’m here to teach you a thing or two about self-love:

How do you achieve self-love?

Self-love is basically accepting yourself for who you are. If there is any flaw that you want to improve upon, make sure you’re doing it for the right reason too and not due to pressure from others.

Here are a few things that I’ve learned along the way that have helped me accept and love myself:


What do you think of when you see your reflection in the mirror? Are you fixated on the “unflattering bits”? Well we all have things we’re not too pleased with, but you need to understand that when someone looks at you, they look at all of you, not just the grey hair, or the dimples on your legs when you’re in a swimming costume.

Self-affirmations is the perfect way to learn to love yourself. Pick out the flaws you find in yourself and write them down somewhere private. Now every day, read these flaws out, but add “I love my…” at the beginning of it. There’s just something about saying things aloud that makes you believe in them and soon you will feel better about yourself as a person.


To achieve self-love, you have to put in self-care and that too regularly. Self-care is putting yourself first in terms of wellbeing. If you’re feeling stressed and anxious, run a bath, have a daily skin care regime to follow, don’t skip on meals, and be kind to yourself.

If there is something you’re very self-conscious about, e.g. you don’t like showing off your arms, or your hair is thinning, don’t force yourself to wear clothes that you won’t feel confident in. As for your hair, it’s your crowning glory and if you’re not happy with it, it can easily be fixed, after all this is what self-love is all about.

Put yourself first

Learn to say “no” once in a while and put yourself first. If your cousin or sibling is constantly nagging you to take care of the kids and you’re not in the right headspace, learn to say no. it’s okay to say no as well, if you’re not in a good headspace, nothing will fall in place right.

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