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You’ve got an anti-aging serum for your skin. You’ve got a nighttime cream, a moisturizer, and sheet masks. You’ve got everything you need for the perfect beauty sleep routine. But there’s one thing you’re missing.

No, it’s not a clay mask or toner. It’s a nighttime hair routine!

We get so caught up in making sure we have the perfect skin that we forget our hair. If you’ve recently gotten weaves, taking care of them can be confusing. But adopting a good nighttime hair care routine can do wonders.

Don’t Tie Your Hair In A Ponytail Or Bun

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It’s understandable that you don’t like your hair getting in the way when you’re trying to sleep. But sleeping with your hair tied can pull hair strands from the roots. While it’s not enough to damage the weaves, it can irritate the scalp and cause problems like hair fall.

So, while your weaves won’t be in danger, your hair will.

Another thing to note is that don’t tie your hair after taking a shower. Wait for your hair to dry completely before you do. Use a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair as cotton absorbs moisture.

Secondly, cotton is soft so it can pull and tug at your roots. If you really need to tie your hair, we recommend tying it into a braid.

Invest In Silk Pillowcases


The pillow covering you have is also contributing to the dry, frizzy hair problem you have! Natural hair needs special care. Investing in a silk pillow will protect your hair while you sleep. When you’ll toss and turn at night, silk will prevent your hair and weaves from frizzing and fraying.

This is because silk is extremely soft.

Apply Oil

Apply a small amount of oil to the tips of your hair before you go to bed. You can apply a little bit of oil to your roots as well. This’ll prevent your hair from frizzing and fraying whilst you sleep.

In addition, using organic oil will provide your scalp with the nutrients it needs. This’ll prevent your scalp from becoming dry.

Just make sure to follow these tips to ensure your hair extensions remain beautiful and damage-free!

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