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You know the feeling of getting a fresh weave or new extensions? It’s truly something out of this world. But you also know the dread you feel when your extensions begin to ruin. Tangles, pulls, sometimes being pulled out altogether, color fading are all problems that arise when you have extensions.

This is why proper care for your extensions is the key to making them last for as long as possible. There are certain steps to ensure your extensions last for as long as four to eight weeks, on average, depending on the kind you get.

It’s always best to visit trusted stylists like Alithea Robinson, founder of one of the top hair salons in Maryland. When you visit the right stylist, it can make all the difference in the world to the final look of your hair. Here are some other hair extension maintenance tips you should keep in mind:

Don’t Cheap Out

You pay what you get for—so get your money’s worth. The best extensions to get are Remy hair, or human hair extensions. It’s not advisable to get synthetic hair extensions, especially for lasting and natural-looking hair, as they run the risk of getting ruined very quickly.

If you’re making the investment, make it worth your while. If you’re visiting the right stylist, they will also guide you on what kind of extension is suited to your hair type. For instance, women with natural hair can get weave hair extensions, but straighter hair textures cannot hold them up the same way.

Treat Them as Your Natural Hair

They’re extensions, yes, but treat them as if they’re part of your natural crown. This is because hair extensions are often made of human hair and require the same kind of care. Do unto them what you would do unto your own hair—it’s the golden rule of hair care!

This is also the best part about human hair extensions; you can dye, cut, style them as you please because they’re also natural hair! Just be careful and don’t overdo it.

Brush, Wash, Condition and Dry Carefully

micro link hair extensions

Invest in an extension brush—it’s really worth getting because of the difference it makes. Not only are these brushes designed to be gentler, but their bristles are also better suited to untangling extensions without tugging at them.

Washing should be a gentle act too. Regular washes are necessary to keep grime and dirt from building up. Always wash standing up and with cold water—hot water could melt the glue off, as could conditioner. Opt for air-drying your hair instead of using a hairdryer.

If you’re looking for a hairstylist in Maryland to get micro link hair extensions from, visit us at Hair Weaves and Extensions today!


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