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Hair extensions are a popular way of transforming your hair. From changing the texture, to adding volume, color and crazy hairstyles, they’re the perfect way to experiment without affecting your natural hair.

As much as the trend has picked up in recent years, hair extensions have been around for centuries and across civilizations. From wigs to sewn-in extensions and weaves, there are various types that you can opt for.

As one of the top hair salons in Maryland, we like for our clients to be as aware and educated as possible about the hair treatments they receive. Hair extensions are quite popular among women, but not a lot of people know about all the factors that need consideration when getting them.

There are several types of extensions

Not a lot of people realize that there are different varieties of extensions. Premium-quality extensions are made from Remy hair, followed by human hair. Other variations include synthetic hair.

The difference lies in the quality of the hair as well as the method of collection and the effects. Remy hair tends to look like your natural hair, and blends in seamlessly. The ability to be styled and colored also varies, with human hair and Remy hair catching on but synthetic hair being impossible to change.

They can be permanent—such as with weaves. Or semi-permanent like micro link hair extensions.

Hair Extensions

Methods of installation also vary

Depending on the type of extension as well as your hair type, the method of installing extensions differs greatly. For instance, natural hair has the foundation for braids, making it the best for weave hair extensions, while straighter hair types do well with glue-in extensions. We offer different services and types of installation that you can find details about here.

Your stylist can best recommend extensions that are appropriate for your hair type and needs, which is why it matters who you consult and get your service from. Don’t take chances with your hair and compromise the health of your natural hair for the sake of saving a few dollars.

Extensions aren’t a replacement to healthy hair—hair health is necessary for extensions

A lot of people assume that extensions are a convenient way to deal with poor hair health. This is far from the truth, because you need to have at least four inches of healthy hair before you get extensions installed. Otherwise, you’ll end up damaging your own hair!

Take care of your scalp

Hygiene, hair care regime and maintenance are central to the longevity of your extensions as well as your natural hair. We offer products aimed at improving your overall hair health too!

If you’re ready to get extensions, drop by our salon or book an appointment today!


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