Have you ever wondered how celebrities miraculously transform their hair overnight?

One day they’re rocking a sleek straight bob and the next they have mermaid-length wavy hair. The secret to their ever-changing luscious manes? Hair extensions, of course!

If you’re all about transforming your hair from time to time but are too impatient for them to grow out, or if you’re afraid of making a big hair commitment, faux hair is the way to go!

Diving into the glamorous world of hair extensions may seem a little intimidating to the newbie, but once you try it, you’ll be hooked. This beginner’s guide will inform you of the process.

What Are Hair Extensions Made of?

Hair extensions can be made of both, synthetic or natural hair. You can choose the type you want depending on the look you’re aiming for, what your budget is, and how close you want it to mimic your natural hair. Both kinds are available in a wide variety of colors and textures.

How Are Hair Extensions Applied?

There are different types of hair extensions available in the market. From tape-in to hair weaves, there’s an option for everyone. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Tape-in extensions
  • Clip-in extensions
  • Sew-in weaves

Each one has different costs and a different level of maintenance.

How Much Do They Cost?

The cost of hair extensions vary greatly and mainly depend on:

  1. What kind you use, i.e. synthetic or real human hair.
  2. Which salon you go to.
  3. Which type you opt for, e.g. tape-ins or weaves.

Everyone needs extensions customized to their own specific needs, and prices vary accordingly. For accurate pricing, visit your nearest hair extensions salon for a consultation.

Are They Safe for Your Hair?

Hair extensions are a perfectly safe way of changing up your look without making a big commitment. When applied properly by an experienced hairstylist, you won’t even notice you have anything in your hair. With proper maintenance and high quality extensions, you risk no damage to your natural hair.

Are They Worth The Investment?

Totally! They’re safe, they have an easy maintenance routine, you can try daring new looks without making huge changes, and the list of benefits goes on. You can’t go wrong when it comes to quality hair extensions. Just make sure you’re getting them done by a professional hair salon.

Here at Hairweavesandextensionsmd.com, we go to great lengths to ensure your weave hair extensions are perfect. Anything less than perfect will simply not do for us. We own one of the best hair salons in Maryland. Call us on 410-744-4900 to book a consultation.

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