Thinning Hair

Thinning hair and hair loss are some of the most discussed things among our social groups. Women tend to feel isolated and that they are the only ones going through hair loss, despite that fact that 21 million women suffer from it.

Many women tend to keep these issues to themselves in an attempt to keep them hidden from sight. We completely understand the emotions you’re going through. Every person isn’t willing to speak about this issue and that’s okay. Till then, here are some hairstyles that can effectively conceal thinning hair:

Go short

The longer your hair is, the more apparent will be its lack of volume. The longer your hair, the more it weighs down. Go short with your natural hair and see the volume bounce back. Make sure your hair is cut while dry, you know that shrinkage is real!

While long hair is beautiful, shorter styles can look incredibly sexy and modern. Shoulder length or chin length bobs will always be a timeless style that suits all face shapes.

Strategic layers

If you’re struggling to bring back the volume in your hair, try layers. Layers can sculpt your hair in whichever way you want. Luckily, with curlier textures, you can get away with layers in thinning hair so make the most of it. Short layers at the crown will give you that bounce you’re looking for. It will also look great when you get a silk press.

Change up your parting

We all have our go-to hair parting that we feel is the most flattering on us. Unfortunately, hair thinning is most visible in such areas. Play around with your parting to find one that suits your face shape and looks voluminous. You might have to work with it a bit so that it takes form, but it’s one of the easiest ways out there to change up your look and conceal thinning hair.

Go darker at the roots

Light roots always emphasize how thick or thin your hair is. Therefore, the darker the roots, the thicker your hair will look. When you go for your next salon appointment, have your hair color technician darken the roots. It also looks more natural and you can get away without root touchups for longer.

Bangs for a receding hair line

Bangs aren’t just for straight hair. The right kind of bangs looks super glamorous on curly hair. Think Solange Knowles, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Haley Berry. Bangs are the perfect way to conceal a receding hair line or thinning at the front of your head.

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