Having curly hair and not being sure how to take care of it and style it is a woe only girls with curly hair will understand. Curly hair can get really frizzy and dry and end up looking like a disaster on our best days.

With the popularity of the Curly Girl Method on the rise, you’ll find many advocates for what some call a “life-changing” technique.

But here’s the catch: even though the Curly Girl Method works out great for some, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

What Exactly Is The Curly Girl Method?

Based on the book “Curly Girl” by Lorraine Massey, the Curly Girl (CG) method is a way to take care of your curls by avoiding sulfates, silicones or any drying alcohols on your hair. These can be present in shampoos, hair products and hair sprays. Moreover, the CG method requires that you stay away from heat styling for the most part and use deep conditioning treatments instead.

While all of this is good advice, here is why it’s not for everyone.

Why The CG Method Might Not Be For You

First off, the Curly Girl Method is highly restrictive. Silicones do wonders for some people’s hair- even those with curly hair! While the Curly Girl community swears by “natural” products, the absence of silicone does not make hair products “natural”.

While it’s always a good idea to read the label of your hair products to see if it contains any chemicals that might be too harsh, staying completely away from shampoos because many of silicone presence are not words set in stone.

Your Hair Is A Way To Express Yourself

Many girls with curly hair love playing around with their hair! And why shouldn’t they? A pop of color is boring—said no one EVER! Unfortunately, the Curly Girl method doesn’t allow for girls with curly hair to get their hair colored.

The Routine Is Kind Of Taxing and Complicated

If your routine is the sort that requires your hair to be predictable and not frizzing out everywhere, staying away from heat styling can bring you more pain than pleasure.

Another issue with the CG method is that there’s always one more thing to be done to take care of your hair properly and for those of us who are always short on time and have busy schedules, a hectic hair routine like the CG method doesn’t always work best.

It Disallows Variety

Well, if you can’t dye your hair and you can’t style it using heat styling, there’s not much left to play around with. If you want to change up their style ever so often, sticking to the CG method will just bore you out.

Looking for a way to keep your curly hair healthy?

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