While this may sound like a cynical statement or belief for many it will be an experience easy to relate to. I am often astonished by the countless stories I hear about professional salons that have poor professional etiquette. The nerve of them, they charge top salon prices as though they do you a favor with sub par service!

Lets be honest, how many salons stories do you have or heard of where conversations, attire or cleanliness were way below industry standard? Yet they have no problem with charging industry standard (or above) prices! As a former salon owner, I always took pride in what I thought was fair pricing. Although i’m not cheap, but I am professional and that is a priceless quality.

Stylist most learn to give more in service than they receive monetarily

What Does It Mean To Be Professional?

Well, I’m glad you ask. This isn’t about professional by trade accomplishment, it is strictly about behavior and etiquette. It’s easy to put in your required hours and receive your certifications. The greatest accomplishment is setting industry standards and setting yourself apart from the ones that don’t. This is also a prerequisite for being an expert in your craft. There are just certain conversations that do not belong on the salon floor. There are certain clothing attire, no matter how free and creative we feel that do not belong in a professional work environment. And cleanliness is priority number one in any environment that serves the public, period.

Professionalism is a commitment to put the well being and comfort of your clients first. It is setting the tone of the atmosphere as a place to do business. I find that people will spend any amount of money (within their means) and they will go anywhere if they feel and believe the level of service is worth it. You will always leave a lasting impression when your service game is on another level.

When I first became a beauty professional twenty seven years ago, I did not know how to do hair. What I had was impeccable service and knowledge as a new stylist with fresh knowledge who was ready to learn and grow. I wanted to please my clients and offer them information about hair and products. This helped my clientele to grow although my practical skills were still developing. Clients would seek me out because I was reliable, trustworthy and clean.

I took special pride in putting soiled items where they belonged and keep clean fresh combs and towels for my customers. Most clients won’t come in the salon and ask do you have clean combs, towels and sanitizing solution but I promise you they observe!

4 essential tips to becoming professional

  • watch conversations about religion, politics and sexuality when servicing clients. Everyone doesn’t share the same belief system, it is important to be sensitive to clients and their personal views.
  • contrary to popular belief, all clothing attire is not for the salon. For example: clothing that has you spilling out the top or even out the the bottom can be distracting and intimidating to your clients especially when your are so up close and personal in their space. We are serving behind the chair, hair not body!
  • Keep smelly food items off the salon floor, it’s not ok to turn the work space into a cafeteria.
  • I can not stress this enough BE ON TIME, clients are sick and tired of being treated as though their time is not valued.

Taking just these few steps will surly put you on the the path to developing a reputation for being professional, it will also put you on the path to becoming an industry leader. The truth is we all want to earn top pay, have a growing clientele and become on demand but so few are willing to do the work that it takes to be the best the industry has to offer.

Don’t ask how you can get more, ask how you can give more!


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