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Most of us have lived in dysfunction at some time in our lives even if we grew up in a loving and supportive environment. dysfunction causes us to see life as the glass half empty, it causes us to doubt ourselves and not believe life can be better. Believing in yourself may be one of the most difficult but most important pieces of life’s puzzle, especially when we are experiencing discord. You must have a strong since of belief in yourself in order to sustain and stand during times of adversity. It will also allow you to gain the most impact from success. All the talent or passion in the world will not suffice for low self-esteem and/or a poor belief system. This becomes the result of dysfunction and discord. Unfortunately, self-love, self-worth, and a strong belief system will not be covered under any formal training program. You must discover and unveil that on your own. It is innately within us, you must find it in order to serve at your highest potential level.

“you must believe in yourself, even when know else will” ~Denise Kimbro

I spent so many years looking for love in all the wrong places. I spent so many years angry and bitter about the hand I thought I was given. It wasn’t until I learned to look within myself that my life begun to soar. I never realized, back then how much the dysfunction and discord around me played apart in my lack of confidence. I would sit and admire the beauty of all the things that I was missing and believing it could never happen for me. I would admire people who were happy and successful. I thought that because of my lack of self-love, I could never be that happy. I thought because of my lack of education I could never be successful. When the people around me didn’t support me, I thought that their opinions of me must be true. All of those thoughts and feelings were a lie! If I can give you any one thing, let me give you this–you are not who they say you are. You are who God has made you to be, and that is sufficient. Follow your passion and never believe the naysayers. Once you find your own passion and rhythm you will be able to then work the process of being the best version of yourself you can be. If you follow your passion and you relentlessly work at that process, you will see your dreams come true and you will see the impossible become possible! It really is that simple; but first you must believe in you. When I say it is simple, I do mean in theory of course. There is absolutely nothing easy about making change through dysfunction.

Once I found what I was passionate about it created a domino effect within myself. I began to develop a sense of self-worth and purpose. Not only did I change my mind about who I was, I was changing the discord that had become my life. I found joy and happiness and it was not through the eyes of those around me nor my loved ones. I found my own definition of; Who I Am. This process will be different for everyone however; the fact will always remain if you find your purpose you will find your happiness.

“the relentless pursuit to happiness starts with passion and it ends in purpose”~Alithea Robinson

No matter your past, no matter your current situation, never give up on you even when you stand alone. This is so critical to your happiness, future and success. We are often influenced to believe that our families and loved ones know what’s best for us, this is not true. They may see a glimpse of what’s best for us or may see a glimpse of our potential but even they don’t know what our highest potential is when we stand strong in purpose.

If you feel unhappy or unfulfilled you have the right to change that for yourself. It’s OK for you to find your happiness! If you don’t like your job, find a better one. if you don’t like your living situation and you are an adult, find another one. If you have family and loved ones that don’t support you, find another support system! Again it’s that simple, life is too short to allow dysfunction and discord to keep us from finding happiness and finding our passion.

Remaining is places that hold us from growing will cause internal misery. If you are holding yourself hostage and keeping you from the wonderful purpose on your life, your doing the world and yourself a great disservice.

Imagine living a life that nurtured you and gave back too you more than you put in it. Imagine living a life that rewarded you with positive thinking, peace and prosperity. Imagine going to work and loving what you do. Can you imagine what it would feel like to love your life? It’s all possible when you believe you deserve to live your best life. It is the result when you start believing that you deserve better. I know it is not easy, I know that things don’t happen overnight. Your still worth it! Never give up on you and never wait for the world to validate you, find your purpose and show the world who you are!

“I decided I wasn’t going to wait for someone to grab me by the hand and lead me down the journey of life, but I was going to start living my own life.”~Alithea Robinson


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