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The 3 Best Hairstyles To Save You From Bad Hair Days

We’ve all had days when our hair just didn’t want to listen to us.

No matter what you did, it wouldn’t assume its pretty-as-hell form—and you know what’s worse? On those days, there isn’t a lot you can do to fix it.

But there are plenty of ways to hide a bad hair day—like going for hairstyles that allow you to keep your hair tied, allowing you to look gorgeous.

So you think you want to give it a spin? Let’s get started.

The Chic Voluminous Bun

Simple isn’t pretty—said no one ever.

This super simple and chic voluminous bun look isn’t just gorgeous; it’s also super quick and easy to pull off.

On days when your hair just isn’t willing to behave, this hairstyle will save your look, and your day.

To create it, simply scoop up your hair and tie a ponytail at the back of your head—and backcomb it. Don’t be afraid to go as high as you want!

Next, take a thick scrunchie, or a bun-maker, and pull your hair through it, resting it on top of your scrunchie. Bend down and evenly distribute your hair over the bun-maker, sort of like a donut.

Finally, place another hair tie over the donut, securing it in place. With the hair falling out from your newly made bun, you can either create braids, or wrap it around the bun as is.

You can enjoy the style as is, but if you really want to give it volume, gently tug on the bun, pulling pinch-fulls of hair until you’re satisfied with it.

Tuck-In French Braid

Fringed Space Buns

Who said braids went out of fashion!

Tame your messy flyaways with this cute French braid look.

To create this one, make a regular French braid at the back of your hair, starting from the middle of your head; gently tug at each section, giving it a fuller, more voluminous look.

Next, take the end of the French braid and tuck it in right at the base of your neck. For longer hair, you can roll it up as far as you like.

Finally, pull out the hair in front of your face to create a youthful frame and you’re all done!

Fringed Space Buns

French Braid

Another great look to save you from bad hair days is the fringed space bun look.

Whether you’re heading out to meet a friend or you’re attending your annual family BBQ dinner, these space buns will make sure you look your best!

To create this look, part your hair in the middle—zig zag it if you really want to jazz it up—and create high ponytails on both sides. Next, take each ponytail and wrap it around the respective hair ties to turn them into buns. If you want to add volume to your freshly done buns, lightly tug at them until you’re satisfied with the look.

Finally, pull out your fringe to cover your forehead and voila, all done!

Now that you know our favorite styles to keep bad hair days under control, it’s now time to focus on keeping them from coming around. If you’re looking to grow your hair out, shop our tea tree oil for hair online! Check out our store to buy the products online.


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