Summer is here and whether or not your beach body is ready, it’s time to take hair care seriously!

When it gets too hot it can be tempting to go for the chop, but there’s no need for such drastic measures. You can rock out this summer with hairstyles that will make you look edgier than ever before.

2019 is definitely the year for some new trends to finally settle in. First off, we’re not dealing with break ups with bad haircuts anymore. It’s all about embracing the length and upgrading your style game.

Try these out to make your summer even hotter.

The Wet Hair Look

Since it’s summer time, you want to look like you’re constantly going to the beach or you just got out the shower. The wet hair look is all the rage because you can wear it to a snazzy dinner in the evening and look effortless and cool and look like you just walked straight out of the shower and onto the red carpet.

How to style it: Of course you don’t actually want your hair to be wet, so slather on a lot of hair cream or argan oil and scrunch it up to get the look.

Top Gals Have Top Buns

Loose waves

If your scalp tends to get oily really quickly, then you’ve probably already mastered the top knot bun. It’s easy and convenient to pile your hair in a messy or neat top knot bun and takes under two minutes to do, especially if you’re running late.

How to style it: You can achieve this effortless look by flipping your head upside down and piling your hair at the crown or slightly at the arch of your head and fasten it with either a scrunchy or secure it with bobby pins. Take out a few strand of hair in the front to soften the look and accentuate your cheekbones.

Loose waves

Invite romance in to your life this summer with this timeless bohemian style that goes well with almost any look. Loose waves complement any face shape because they frame your face shape really well and also have a beach aesthetic. This is definitely the summer vibe you should be going for.

How to style: Take a few chunks of your hair and wrap them in a curling iron. You can also use a salt spray to add more texture.

If you’re rocking out these styles with a weave this summer then our expert hair weave and extension specialist in Maryland can provide you more styling services. To book and appointment or for more information, you can call us at 410-744-4900.