As fall approaches and crisp air starts blowing, you know it’s the perfect time to pull out those dark and bold tones out of the depths of your closet! With so much to look forward to with bonfires and everyone’s favorite pumpkin spiced lattes, we can’t help but feel excited as the weather changes!

The best thing about fall, though, has to be how great the weather is for your hair! As the weather gets cooler, it also becomes kinder to our hair, helping it maintain a closed cuticle to lock in the moisture. The cooler temperatures also help undo the damage from the excess UV ray exposure our hair gets during the summer.

The fall months are the best time to take a few months into falling back in love with our natural hair textures. Taking advantage of this time will also help you prepare your hair for the slightly harsher winter months. Add in these hair-care tips to your hair regimen to help you keep your hair hydrated and healthy!

Deep Conditioning

As the temperatures go from hot to cool, you may experience a change in the texture of your hair. The cooler air can leave your hair feeling dry, weak and frizzy. This makes your locks more susceptible to breakage and split-ends.

Add a weekly deep-conditioning treatment to your routine to counteract the loss of moisture. Deep conditioning is an intensive repair treatment that will help your hair regain its elasticity, leaving it feeling softer and smoother.

Hair Oils for Moisturizing

For the fall months, there’s nothing more important for your hair care than making sure that the moisture remains sealed and locked in your tresses! While using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner is helpful, you need to give your hair and extensions that extra lovin’ with the help of hair oils like coconut oil or Argan oil.

While selecting a hair oil to moisturize your hair, choose one with a light body and has a non-greasy formula. This will ensure that your strands are moisturized from the inside out, leaving your hair follicles nourished, healthy and shiny!

Protective Styling Techniques

The fall months are a good time to give your hair a break from styling- particularly heat styling and coloring. Protective styling is a great way for your hair to overcome damage, breakage and to encourage hair growth.

One of the ways to achieve this is by going to a hair salon for hair extensions. Hair extensions are a great way to change your hairstyle and let your natural hair be at the same time! Whether you want to add length, take it away or add a bit of color to your hair, hair extensions are a great way to get creative with your style!

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