hair extension

Hair extensions can be a girl’s best friend because they’re there for you in your time of need.

When you need extra volume or length, who’s got your back? Your hair extensions.

Treating your hair extensions right is the only way to ensure they last a long time and keep helping you serve looks. It just takes a few tips and tricks here and there to help you maintain the look.

If you’re a regular hair extension wearer or you’ve had them for a while, there are a few things you should know regarding aftercare and overall up keep or like certain celebrities, you’ll be sporting a receding hairline as well.

DO take breaks

Hair care

Extensions are either sewn in with a needle and a thread or they’re glued on. Remember, that to keep your natural hair healthy, it’s important to let your scalp breathe and take breaks between appointments so your head can recover completely. This is important if you don’t want to end up balding!

DO avoid salty or chlorinated water

Quality hair extensions are made of real hair, which is why the chlorinated water in most pools and the ocean water can be damaging. Try to avoid swimming without protecting your hair properly. Always wear a cap to the water and minimize the risk of getting your hair wet.

DO use hair care products

You can use oils, creams and other various styling products on your hair, but just avoid the bonds which glue your extensions to the scalp. You can always go for leave in conditioners and other hydrating serums and oils to give your extensions the oomph they need every now and then.

DO keep brushing your hair regularly

Brushing your hair two to three times daily is a good idea. You can do this before you get your hair wet in the shower. Just be careful with how you go about this because you don’t want to uproot the bonds. You can press down on your roots while brushing your hair gently.

DON’T wash your hair regularly

You should put off washing your hair as much as possible and opt for dry shampoo to restore freshness to hair because shampoos have harsh minerals which can weaken the bonds.

DON’T expose your hair to too much heat

As with your natural hair, too much heat on your hair from either the sun or styling tools can cause damage to your extensions. Never forget to use a heat protectant if you want those extensions to last longer.

DON’T sleep with wet hair

Avoid doing this as much as possible because you’ll end up tangling your hair. What you can do instead is wait till your hair is dry and braid it or tie it in to a lose ponytail before you sleep.

If you need assistance with maintaining your weave hair extensions in Maryland, book an appointment at Alithea Robinson’s salon.