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Welcome and thank you for joining me! Welcome to my new blog journey. My name is Alithea Robinson. As a youth I really struggled with that name. I could not find value in that name although I knew it had a very special meaning. I could not figure, out of all the names in the world how I ended up with a name such as this. Not only was it an older name, it is also butchered by most who attempt to say it! My name is pronounced, Ah-lee-thee-ah, it means truth in the Greek language. Ironically my middle name Amore mean love in french and Spanish. I hated that name so much that I voluntarily nicknamed myself, Lisa.

My name is who I am and it represents a part of my inner strength. A name I once ran away from I now draw strength from. It’s amazing to me how life’s journey has a way of unfolding in that way. Think about it, the things we love are often the same things we find fault in (people and things). That which makes us happy often has the ability to make us sad. And the things we crave and long for are often the things that we don’t need.

Here on this blog platform, you will find truth, love and inspiration beyond my expertise in the hair industry. I want to see everyone evolve into their greater selves, I invite you to evolve with me! Life happens; just like bad weaves, but good, bad or indifferent, the journey never stops! Life, also like bad weaves can be made better!

Every now and again you need someone you can relate to, to say the right words or be the right resource with the right information. I know it is impossible for me to be that for everyone so instead, I will focus on the small group of people who want to go the journey with me.

I have established myself as an expert stylist and extensions specialist in the hair industry. I am a fifteen year senior stylist and I have had the honors of training many along the way. I, like so many others have had a rough childhood growing up in Baltimore Maryland, I chose to follow a sketchy path as a youth which lead to many poor decisions and a poor self -esteem. Not only was I running from my identity, I was looking for love in all the wrong places. through finding the hair industry, it allowed me to find love for myself. My relationship with the hair industry is a little different from most, I found myself by finding my purpose.

I want to share my experiences to help someone else make informed decision about business, life and hair!! I’m also here to absorb beautiful positive energy from other encouraging and inspiring people. Each one teach one is how we win the journey!


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