Even though hair extensions have become ever-so-popular recently, many of us still don’t understand how they are installed, if they are safe or how to care for them. This gap in our knowledge leaves us skeptical of just how great getting hair weaves and extensions can be! When it comes to extensions, there are plenty of benefits.

For one, they are super versatile. Depending on whether you choose synthetic or human hair extensions, the extensions can be styled in several ways, offering you a quick solution for when you’re busy with a hectic schedule and can’t spend an hour just doing your hair. What’s more is that once your hair look seamless if the extensions are blended in carefully and professionally.

Here we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about hair extensions.

Do Extensions Damage My Hair?

No, they don’t. However, it’s important to take a few extra measures to take care of your hair. Along with a few daily care tips, such as not brushing your hair when it’s wet, you should also examine the extensions every few weeks to ensure they’re not entangled. This will help you prevent wear on your natural hair as well as your extensions.

Include in your hair care routines products that keep your hair nourished and moisturized to avoid breakage due to dryness.

Is It Okay For Me To Dye My Hair If I Just Got Extensions?

To be honest, it depends on the kind of extensions you have. If you have chosen human hair extensions, then the job becomes easier as they can be colored to match and blend with the color of your natural hair. Synthetic extensions, on the other hand should not be dyed.

Can I Apply Hair Extensions Myself With A DIY Kit?

It’s preferable not to. The hair extension application process is best left to a professional who can seamlessly blend them in with your real hair so that you’re not left with awkward patches or tape sticking out. Some application techniques, such as microlink hair extensions take a significant amount of skill for safe and lasting installation, which is having them done professionally is a far better option.

How Long Does It Take To Install Extensions?

Different techniques take different times for the process to be completed. Depending on the method used, the time taken for the installation process varies. While the tape-in extensions typically take the shortest amount of time to install, microlink hair extensions take relatively longer. The definitive answer to this question lies with your hair stylist.

Can Weaves Be Installed With Short Hair?

It depends on the type of hair extensions you choose and the method you choose to get them installed with. Natural hair can be installed in short hair with 2 to 5 inches length. Other methods require longer hair. It’s important to bear in mind that the initial length of your hair will impact the results you get.

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