While adding a weave to your natural hair may have seemed like a good idea at the time, after viewing the end result, you realize: it looks completely fake!

Why, Though?

Simply put, it’s because your weave didn’t blend well. There are a few reasons for this. You might have a unique haircut that doesn’t suit the texture or cut of your weave, your natural hair might be too long or short, or you might have gotten the wrong set for your hair type.

But My Hair is Fine!

If you don’t relate to any of the above situations, though, it may simply be the case that you’re not incorporating your weave correctly with your natural crop!

Not to worry, though! At Hair Weaves and Extension MD, we’ve had our fair share of customers who were concerned that their hair investment wasn’t for them! So without further ado, here are some basic tips on how you can wear your weave perfectly!


Keep in mind that these tips are post-purchase. But if you haven’t bought your weave yet, keep three things in mind: texture, material, and color. Keep the texture and color consistent with your natural look, and only purchase products from a company that’s known for its reliability and quality, like Hair Weaves and Extension MD!

– Pay Attention to Your Edges

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You can’t attain a smooth, silky look if your edges are going every which way! By using controlling, smoothing, and edge-slicking products, you’ll be able to keep your style in check and conceal any tracks around the perimeter of your hairline.

– Braid it at Night

You’ll need to tame your extensions like you do with your hair. Braid it or twist it at night and secure it with a hairnet. This will not only help blend the two different textures together, but it’ll also give your hair some extra curls and movement.

– Control those Flyaways

If your hair has a tendency to look like you’ve just come back from a drive with the top down, take precautions. Use silicone-based glossing products to smooth out the frizz and rub a little bit of product at the edges of your hairline as well. But leave a little at the sides (your sideburns!), so your hair has a natural feel!

– Condition, Condition, Condition

Like your regular hair, your weave requires proper maintenance and some general TLC. But you can’t use your basic conditioner to keep things nice and supple. Luckily for you, Hair Weaves and Extensions MD offers a range of products, including some pure organic conditioning pomade that can help you control your locks, artificial and otherwise! Use a small amount every time you shower so your hair stays hydrated!

Got More Questions?

Contact Lisa Robinson! A leading hairstylist and extension specialist in Catonsville, MD; Lisa Robinson is the go-to professional for all who require hair weaves and styling, microlink sew and moreover, she provides training in hair weave courses as well. Follow the right steps and give your hairstyle the attention it needs to look its best!


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