To Weave or Not To Weave—That Is The Question!

Or is it?

There was a time when the only people who wore weaves—or could afford to—were celebrities and the women who could bear the price tag. It was a time when a lack of or slow hair growth was a hushed up affair and nobody liked to acknowledge it!

Things have changed, though. Today, women are embracing their bodies with much more comfort and acceptance than ever before. What’s more is that weaves and hair extensions are in! From stay-at-home moms to socialites and celebrities like the Kardashians and Jenners, hair extensions are all the rage. In fact, there’s a rising trend of women opening themselves up to experimentation with hair extensions and weaves that allow them to have different lengths, style and volume of hair.

Hair weaves and extensions have, in short, become a way for women to spice up their style and make their personalities shine brighter through with their hair. Wearing weaves and extensions the right way can reap many benefits. Here are our top picks:

They’re Super Low Maintenance!


Hair weaves and extensions are basically perfect if you don’t have a lot of time to style your hair every morning. If you love to keep your length but still want to flaunt a fab look every day, hair weaves are the perfect options for you! You can pre-style your weave and set it aside for when you need it and voila! You’re ready to walk the ramp! They’re also a great alternative for vacations when you’d rather just spend time hitting the beach than on styling your hair!

Synthetic hair is often pre-styled and doesn’t require much more than just fluffing it up and going. Human hair weaves, on the other hand, allow for more versatility but they’re still quite easy to maintain and take care of.

They Add A Protective Layer To Your Hair

Sewn-in weaves allow for the hair to be braided close to your scalp while extensions are added in wefts. The hair extensions and weaves ensure that your natural hair is safe from weather elements, harsh UV rays and not to mention—heat styling! So in case you struggle with spilt-ends and dry hair, getting a weave can help your hair recover from the damage while making sure your style is still always on point!

They Give You Ample Room For Experimentation

So let’s say you get a weave that you’re not too crazy about—you can always ask your stylist to remove or change it! Unlike permanent hair styling options, weaves are much more low-commitment than that notorious ex *we kid you not*. If you’re someone who loves changing up their style every now and then, weaves and extensions are the perfect solution for you.

Weaves are designed to be worn for short periods of time. So unlike having to wait for a haircut to grow out, you can simple get your weave changed to the style and length of your choice—it’s that simple! These are also a great option for women who like to frequently change their hair color. Since weaves and extensions come in an array of colors, you can change the color as you like, when you like—without worrying about the damage the harsh chemicals may cause on your hair!

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