Are you looking for the wrong stylist to do the right hairstyle?

One reason you may have difficulty finding a stylist is that you may not understand the type of stylist you are in search of. That’s right; through trial and error, you may have found that all stylists are not the same. I’m not only speaking of bad or good, but I’m also talking about technique, specialty as well as a skillset.

If you have experienced searching for a stylist to do a particular hairstyle or extension service, you know that this can be a hit or miss finding someone to complete the task. It may depend on if you know the right questions to ask or if your technician knows the right questions to ask you. Or you may have gotten so frustrated that you have decided to follow a step by step tutorial via YouTube and tried to create the hairstyle yourself. To no avail, you choose to start the cycle of looking for a stylist all over again.

As stylists, you may have the experience of forgetting to ask the right questions or simply not know the right questions to ask. Often this will result in having a client that you can not satisfy. Or worse, you’re not prepared to service your client. There are so many trending types of stylists who are all in demand for different work that they do and are very successful. But if you go to the wrong stylist for the right service, you may become discouraged and turned off.

Sometimes as a stylist, we have to accept and admit that we don’t do everything. Somethings aren’t your strong suit, and rather than setting ourselves up for failure; it is better to leave the specialties to the specialist and do what we’re really good at doing. Let me set the record straight; we are not for everybody! Don’t do services you are not qualified to do or knowledgable about; it’s that simple! When you master what you do well and build a clientele based on that, everybody wins. You win as a stylist because clients will gladly give 5-star reviews for excellent service and craftsmanship. Clients love to spread the good news, but they will also cover the bad news. You don’t want to have a mixture of reviews that you are good at this thing but suck at the other! Instead, fill your booking space with what you do well.

I decided to share a full breakdown of the top ten types of stylists that are currently successfully trending in the industry. If you want to establish yourself as a popular stylist or keep up with what’s trending in the industry, I have created a list of the top ten types of specialist in the hair industry.
(this list is in sequential order)
1) Hair Replacement specialist- A person who customizes units or hair extension options for women who are losing hair or have hair loss. It requires measurements, adhesives, and customizations. A stylist who specializes in hair replacement should also have a certain level of compassion and sensitivity.

2) Extension specialist- Someone who uses different hair extensions and weaving techniques. A specialist does more than braid extensions. This may or may not include lace, frontals, and strand method.

3) Wig maker/creator- A person who creates and customizes wigs; this includes ventilating, quick weaves, and sewing on caps.

4) Color specialist- A licensed stylist who formulates color and color correction. They keep up with hair color trends and understand the chemistry of color.

5) Braider- Someone who braids and cornrows they use braid extensions to create different braid techniques.

6) Traditional stylist- A licensed stylist who does chemicals, styling, and cutting. They may or may not focus on hair care.

7) Stylist who specializes in styling- This stylist generally focuses on creativity in styling. They have strength in sculptured work.

8) Haircutting specialist- Someone who has excelled in cutting. They are precession cutters and known for their accuracy in cutting.

9) Natural hairstylist- Someone who specializes in natural hairstyling. They know natural and organic products that are needed to maintain and keep healthy natural hair.

10) Haircare specialist- Someone who is exclusively into hair care. Their main principle is doing services that are beneficial for the overall health of hair.

Please understand this is the primary type of stylist, but it does not mean that a stylist can not specialize in many techniques. If you know the basics of the different areas of specialty, you may better understand who to look for when searching for a particular look.




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