“Everybody” is doing weaves nowadays, and really can you blame them? This industry generates billions of dollars, and those statistics don’t include the many who do out of there home with no formal training. With an opportunity to make lots of money in a single service, there has been a massive spike in stylists and aspiring stylists who claim to be “weave experts.” What does it take to be a great weave technician? Some argue that anybody can sew hair, and this is true. If you know how to thread a needle, you are more than halfway there. If you can stitch a weft of hair, your mission is complete; you can undoubtedly do a weave! Unfortunately, in the grand scheme of things, this is not enough, you must learn effective communication to keep up with a growing industry that is never going away! What do you bring to the table other than a needle, nylon thread and a weft of hair? As with any industry, there is a knowledge base that must be learned. All professions require technical and practical skills. You can not thrive without both working together. Effective communication is how you drive it home, bringing skillset and knowledge base together. Anything less than that creates trends that don’t stick. If you want to be great, good, or just above average, you must learn effective communication. As a professional, I would even say communication is an essential part of a skillset. Think about it. Our clients are getting their information from youtube videos and media outlets, and it is up to us as professionals to educate and inform. Proper terminology and weave extension jargon are what every professional should use to be effective. If you don’t, you are doing your clients a huge disservice. Don’t just sew hair for money, aspire to make a difference in the industry by learning, educating, and informing your clients. Trends come and go, but professionals will be around through every phase. Commit to not just doing the service but learning how to service every client’s needs. Only through proper consultation can this be done. To learn more about the importance of effective consultation and proper verbiage visit verbiage for professionals and start taking your weave clientele to another level of professionalism.


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