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Wearing a weave keeps your natural hair protected from damage which can be caused by overexposure to sunlight, dry or chilly air and other harmful environmental factors. However, you cannot completely neglect your natural locks, just because they’re hidden under your weave. In fact, we recommend going the extra mile to nourish your natural hair when sporting a weave, to ensure that your roots are getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Here are some ways through which you can moisturize your locks under a weave.

Cleanse Thoroughly

Thorough cleansing is the simplest route to moisturize your hair. Cleansing your hair with weaves can be tricky, as there’s always a risk of accidentally loosening the tracks of your weave.  Make sure you’re using a shampoo that’s weave-friendly and has a hydrating formula that restores moisture in your natural hair. Try your best to keep your cleansing efforts focused on your scalp, as this will help in getting rid of any kind of buildup in your hair. To avoid disturbing your braided base, try rubbing the product only in the areas of the scalp exposed by braid partings. Finish off with a moisturizing conditioner.

 moisturizing conditioner

Consider a Scalp Treatment

One of the most common problems experienced by weave-wearing individuals is an itchy scalp. Poor weave installation and neglected hair care are some of the root causes of an irritated scalp.

To resolve this issue, you can opt for a scalp treatment. Massage your scalp at home (or get it done at a salon) with Argan oil, which can hydrate your hair as it’s packed with vitamin E. The density of the oil is also perfect for those with weaves.

Try Spritzing

Don’t have time for thorough cleansing or an extensive scalp treatment? Try spritzing water-based products on your hair to keep the moisture levels balanced. Once the product has been sprayed on, it’ll eventually seep into your braided base, moisturizing your hair from within. Keep the frequency of sprays to a minimum, as leaving your hair damp can lead to another set of problems, such as fungal growth.

One fool-proof method of moisturizing your hair with weaves is to consult a hair weave installation and maintenance expert, like Alithea Robinson at Hair Weaves and Extensions.

She’s one of the best weave stylist in Catonsville, Maryland with over 20 years of hair weave installation, maintenance and styling experience under her belt. She uses her natural talent in hair styling and maintenance to secure weaves and customized wigs in Catonsville and surrounding areas.

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