It’s the most significant phenomenon and still growing. It has become more common to see women wearing weaves and extensions than it is to see someone in their natural tresses. There was a time when weaves and extensions were the best-kept secrets, and now we live in a time that it is table talk amongst men and women.
I opened my first three beauty salons inside of beauty stores. The beauty supply store sold lots of wigs, and I’d watch ladies flock to the back of the store where they would try on the wigs in privacy as they put on their new hair. It wasn’t said, but it would be understood, without saying that this was a private lady’s business. It was about twenty years ago.
After the movie, “Good Hair” was released, I saw a shift in how women became more open about wigs, weaves, and extensions.
I even saw a shift in how men inquired about these services for themselves. It is privacy involved in the comfort that men feel about getting man weaves. But women young and older are on board and ready to discuss hair weave and extension options openly.
Women are no longer going to the back of a beauty supply store embarrassed to try on a wig. Nor are they privately pulling me to the side to ask about weaves hoping that no one will see them.
I have even witnessed a shift while working in the beauty supply/salon where men have become invited to help pick the new wig units. I must admit listening to men tell their ladies about color matching and which units blend better than others took some time getting used to!
However, with the shift, I now watch stylists who have never done braids, who said they wouldn’t transition from traditional hairstyling services to do weaves and extensions are now jumping on board to offer these services. They understand that this is the future of hair and it is big business!
Like anything that becomes big and on-demand, there is also lots of fraudulent activity, people doing it solely for the money, trendsetters, and lack of skillset. And when you sift through enough crap, you stumble into the real deal — the ones who don’t do it for the fad but who do it for the people.
Who are the people? The people are individuals that have specific needs and requirements, not for the trend. The trend is what you see when you go to YouTube or social networks. “The people” are who you don’t see. These everyday people are are mothers, athletes, doctors, and my largest clientele base, the ones that have real hair issues like thining and hair loss.
The tricky part about finding the right technician or stylist is that weaving has become a trend. Trends bring in fast money, and there is a dilemma in finding someone who caters to the needs of the client.
Right now the trend is flawless lace application, which I will admit I have seen some pretty amazing applications! However, unless working with hair loss, a lot of lace attachments are temporary, and it doesn’t work for clients seeking longterm methods.
Another example is temporary lace attachments don’t work for ladies going through menopause, workout vigorously or sweat a lot. They need other options.
In short, to all stylists, don’t be so consumed by trends that you don’t cater to the growing needs of “everyday people.” Many don’t do it for the glam. And to all clients, ask questions about the functionality of your extension service not just about the look. Seek to understand how your hair will function from day to day and if it works with your lifestyle needs.


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