Lace frontals and closures are the key components of creating beautiful sew-in hair extension installations. Their purpose is clear and simple, which is to close off the installation, eliminating the need for blending. While both of these are among the top choices hair stylists use, there are some key differences between them, which are important to know in order to choose the best option for your hair.

Lace Frontals

Lace frontals are half-wigs with length extending ear to ear and sewn in with 3 to 4 bundles of hair extensions. Frontals typically size at 13 inches across and 4 inches at the back. The ease with frontals is that they can be held in different styles and can be styled while holding the hair back. Frontals are a popular choice for recreating the hairline across your head from ear to ear and also among women who suffer from Alopecia or thinning hair at the edges.

Lace frontals can be conveniently dyed, heat styled and restyled as per your liking.

Lace Closures

Lace closures differ from frontals as they do not cover the length across your hair from ear to ear. Instead, they are installed at the horseshoe area of your head. They are typically 4 by 4 inches wide but are also available in other larger and smaller sizes.

Lace closures are great options for women who love flexibility and versatility in terms of hair styling. Closures are applicable for almost all types of hair, whether they are permed, natural or scanty. Closures can also be colored and dyed as per your linking. The advantage here is that it leaves your natural hair free from damage.

Since the weave is placed so close to your natural hair, blending in isn’t a problem, allowing for a seamless finish when the installation is complete.

The Differences

One of the most obvious differences between frontals and closures is their size. Lace frontals are typically bigger because they cover the length from temple to temple while closures are smaller because their primary function is to “close off” the installation at the top or the front.

Frontals and closures are made from either silk or lace. Silk bases more accurately mimic the scalp. On the other hand, laced bases tend to lie flatter against the head and blends well with the scalp. This ensures that the lace not only seems natural but as a more accurate replication of the color of the scalp.

Frontals allow for more versatility in terms of styling while closures don’t. With frontals, you can style you hair with pulled back hair styles. Closures, on the other hand, don’t allow you with the same versatility.

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