Hair Weave Expert

We have women from all over Maryland visiting my salon; some are trying to cope with hair loss while others have extremely damaged hair that they want to protect. Whatever your reason, hair weaves are an excellent option for curly hair.

If you’re still weighing your hair weave options, here are some reasons why you should visit an expert:

You’re feeling very self-conscious about your hair

Hair loss is a concern that affects millions of women around the globe. You’re not alone in this journey. While some hair salons will make you feel more self-conscious about your hair to upsell their services, a hair weave expert will be welcoming.

A hair weave expert deals with all kinds of hair on a daily basis and we know better than to point out issues with your hair. We understand that our clients are quite self-conscious about their hair and we do all in our power to give them that much needed confidence boost.

When a client visits my salon for the first time, I always take time out to explain the various options available and guide you to choose the perfect one for your needs.

You’ve tried to DIY hair extensions

Initially, many women are put off by the prices of hair weaves and therefore, try doing it themselves. Weaving hair and installing hair extensions is no easy task. You need to be certified and have loads of experience to get a seamless finish.

DIY hair extensions and hair weaves will never look as good as salon installed ones. At some point you will need the help of a professional to get you out of this pickle. The money and time invested will be so worth it when you see the results!

You want natural and glamorous hair

glamorous hair

A good hair weave is one that looks absolutely seamless. As experts, it’s taken us many years to perfect the technique. If you’re tired of having to spend time on your hair every day to make it look good, you need a hair weave specialist. I install and style weaves to give clients natural and stylish looking hair.

You’ve had botched up hair weaves in the past

Getting hair weaves right is an art, unfortunately all hair salons haven’t yet mastered this art and therefore, many women end up with botched up hair weaves that don’t look right. Other than poor installations, the quality of hair used is also often questionable. Poor quality of hair weaves can lead to mismatched colors, wrong textures, and many other problems.

Since no two people have the same texture of hair, you need to tweak your technique to suit the client. Whether you have 3B, 3C, 4A, or 4C, we can install hair weaves that work perfectly with your natural curl pattern.

I’m Lisa Robinson, a top hair stylist and hair extensions specialist in the Catonsville area. I provide traditional braid, microlink hair extensions, sew in weaves, and customized services. I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years now and have learned a lot during my journey. For more information, you can contact me at 410-744-4900.


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