We make numerous investments on our appearance over the course of our life but the most important one is of how we wear our hair.

Our hair is an extension of our personality. Our hair is our crowning glory—no less. It’s one of the first things that people notice about us and one that leaves a lasting impression. Therefore, the appearance of our hair is something that we can’t take for granted—ever.

More and more women these days are jumping the bandwagon of getting hair extensions and weaves, and with good reason. Weaves and extensions help you cross the fine line between great hair and fab hair. And to us, the choice is pretty simple: fab hair—all day, every day.

What Matters The Most

Of course, your comfort is the top priority when it comes to hair. You want something that’s easy to manage with your routine and something that delivers. Luckily, weaves and extensions are made available in a variety of styles and textures to complement the natural texture of your hair seamlessly.

The best hair extensions are those that blend in perfectly. When choosing weaves and extensions, you must bear in mind the natural texture of your hair.  So, let’s say you have a perm and your natural hair texture is pretty curly. In this case, the best choice for a weave or extensions would be one that matches the texture of your perm. If your hair is chemically relaxed, a straight hair will be much easier to blend.

You must also take into consideration the color of your hair. Although weaves and extensions come in many colors, you’ll need to find one that matches or closely complements the color of your natural hair.

To make things easier, we’ve compiled a checklist that can help you choose the extensions that complement your hair the best.

Choosing Hair Extensions—The Top 3 Rules of A Diva

Synthetic vs. Human Hair: Know The Difference

The texture of synthetic weaves changes over time with styling and brushing. While human hair is easier to style and holds the texture better, each sample comes with its own techniques to maintain it.

A ‘Beweavable’ Length

Your hair length predominantly established what length your weave should be. If you have a pixie cut, it wouldn’t really make sense to go for an 18-inch long weave. Go for a length that works with your natural hair.

Match The Kink (of your hair)

If your hair is curly or wavy, find a weave that matches the accents of the kink in your hair. This will ensure a seamless blend. As far as color goes, you could dye your hair to match the weave if you’re going for a dramatic change. But if you want to skip the dyeing, you’ll need to pick out a weave that matches your natural hair color.

Choosing a weave is not that straightforward. Make sure you get your hands on the weave that suits you best. Get in touch with Lisa at Hair Weaves and Extensions for a consultation on all things hair! As one of the most experienced weave specialists and hair stylist in Maryland, we offer you advice on nothing but the best!

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