Hair Weaves and Memories of an Expert Stylist

The inner city of Baltimore, Maryland is a tough place to grow up. During her childhood, Alithea struggled to find love and acceptance.

She was desperate to be included in her peer group, willing to do anything to find what she thought she needed—and she ended up with a lifestyle that resulted in many dark memories.

When her mother abruptly moved with Alithea to Santa Clara, California, it seemed like the end of the world—but little did Alithea know that she was about to discover her passion, purpose, and God-given talent.

From employee to manager to business owner to entrepreneur, follow Alithea on her incredible journey from a 9th-grade dropout with a learning disorder and no self-esteem to an industry expert with goals and dreams still ahead. This extraordinary memoir will inspire you to dig deep and discover who you are when you’re living your truth!