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Hi my name is Alithea Robinson known to most as Lisa, I am the owner of I am your hair weave and hair replacement specialist. My signature flat weaves and hair replacement services has made me one of the leading salons in the Maryland area for several years.

I am taking new clients for these services only:

Hair weaving – traditional weaving or customized Hair replacement – units, custom wig making and attachments
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Hair Weaving

Traditional weaving or customized, microlink weaving, netting, lace closures,and frontals sewed in or applied with adhesive.


Hair Replacement

Includes measurements,consulting time and detailing in order to create a custom fit for your unit.It also will be fitted or installed.

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The inner city of Baltimore, Maryland is a tough place to grow up. During her childhood, Alithea struggled to find love and acceptance. She was desperate to be included in her peer group, willing to do anything to find what she thought she needed—and she ended up with a lifestyle that resulted in many dark memories. When her mother abruptly moved with Alithea to Santa Clara, California, it seemed like the end of the world—but little did Alithea know that she was about to discover her passion, purpose, and God-given talent.
From employee to manager to business owner to entrepreneur, follow Alithea on her incredible journey from a 9th-grade dropout with a learning disorder and no self-esteem to an industry expert with goals and dreams still ahead. This extraordinary memoir will inspire you to dig deep and discover who you are when you’re living your truth!

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For special request, request travel service, free consultation please contact

For all inquiries please contact us via email at and we will respond to you within 24–48 hours. You may also leave us a message at 410-744-4900 and we will respond within 24 hours Monday–Friday.

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Niki H

The best hair experience ever! Lisa definitely knows what she's doing! The color of the extensions matches perfectly with my daughters hair color. It looks so natural. My daughter was nervous because she's never had extensions before. Lisa definitely went the extra mile to make it a wonderful experience. I searched for months to find a place that could do what Raegan wanted. I went to at least 10 different salons and called 5 or 6 more. After finding Hair Weaves and Extensions online, I called and spoke with Lisa. I told her what Raegan wanted and the texture of her hair. She took the time to explained all of the different ways that the extensions could be done and what she recommended. After our conversation I new this was were we needed to go.

Brittany Leigh

This is the best place to go for full or partial sew ins and all-around hair care. The owner an stylist, Lisa Robinson is an amazing master colorist and stylist. She works with natural and relaxed hair and even makes her own natural hair care products and oils. I had thinning in the front of my hairline and after 6 weeks of hair care by Lisa, I notice thicker, healthier hair with a natural shine! I like going to this salon because its in a secluded local that offers exclusivity and privacy while getting my weave. The customer service is awesome and the environment is appropriate for all ages. I would recommend my stylist to anyone... not to mention she has done hair for high-profile politicians. I bet you never knew it was a weave!


Recently decided to change my hairstyle to achieve an easy to maintain, versatile and healthy option for my hair. I've gotten my hair weaved several times before but this time I wanted the works. I found HW&E through multiple Google and Yelp searches. And, after a lot of research about the process I called Lisa and setup my appointment. I was not disappointed. I was so happy with my hair and the entire experience, I've already told my friends to make an appointment. Lisa is a lovely, nice, professional, knowledgeable, highly experienced and talented stylist. Her talents are worth every dime. You get a friendly tutorial on the process and maintenance for your hair from a woman with 20 years of experience and who really cares about what you want. I definitely recommend her services and will be seeing her again.

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