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Traditional Sewins

At hair weaves and extensions, we offer several traditional weaves services

1)Full sewin with closing no leave out- this weave is the most secure and protective weave; it is best for individuals who want a full and total coverage with bangs or swoop style. Starting price is $275

2)Full sewin with leave out- this weave is a great into to weaving as it can feel more natural for individuals who feel more comfortable with seeing some of their own hair incorporated with the weave. It allows you to have a natural scalp part. Starting price $225

3) Full sewin with closure- This is the best option for individuals who wish to put entire hair in weave but still have an option to see a scalp part, it is also a good option for hair lose in the crown area. Starting price $225

4) Full sewin with frontal- This option is best for total coverage and natural looking hairline. Starting price $245

5) Individual rows- This method is a blending method when individuals wish to blend rows of their natural hair with rows of weave, textures must match for blended methods to work well. Starting price $40 per row usually requiring a minimum of 3. This price does not include styling.

Microlink Installs

6) Braidless method- This method is most ideal for straight and wavy hair however; it can be done on most hair that is al least 6 inches and longer. Starting price is $325

Quick Weave

7) Quick weaves are also known as a glue in. This method is done on a cap with a protective layer to protect natural hair. It is a temporary 3-4 weeks option. Starting price is $125

Hair Replacement

8) Hair replacement options are designed for people with hair lose. This requires consultation to ensure individual needs are met for the specific hair lose issue and placement of attachment. Starting price is $275, this price includes consult and measurements, it does not include hair replacement unit.

Custom Wigs

9) My wigs are handmade, not constructed with machine. Turn around time is 3-4 weeks once process begins. Construction of wig starts at $175. This price does not include hair.

*All prices are subject to change based on individual needs. No pricing includes hair. Hair price is based on length and texture, clients can also provide their own hair for services. *