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Hair is the crowning glory of a woman and therefore, we put in the time and effort to make it look good almost every day. While curly hair is difficult to manage, a weave can make your life a whole lot easier.

Hair weaves allow you to work with a new texture of hair without damaging your natural texture. For those who love changing up their look often, there’s a lot you can do with your weave to give you a fresh look every day.

Here are some hair styles that work well with hair weaves:

Various braids

Braids are a go to for sew in weaves. Depending on the kind of extensions you get put in, braids can make your hair wavy so you can get two different looks with one hairstyle. There are so many kinds of braids out there you can try. For a more professional look you can opt for a single French braid and when you’re getting ready for a party you can do multiple braids and cornrows for a fun look.

A top knot

Top knots have become the new bun. Top knots, however, are much more flattering. They suit any face shape and the added volume and height looks glamorous. Top knots can be achieved on longer weaves. When making this hairstyle, make sure you don’t tease the hair for more volume as that can ruin the texture of the sew in. get the hair nice and high for the best effect.

Half up half down style

Ariana Grande really brought back the whole half up half down look. She initially started wearing her hair that way to hide hair loss in certain areas due to the damage of dying it for the show “Victorious” and it soon became her iconic look.

Fans have since recreated the look so often that it’s now become a popular hairstyle. The half up hair style is ideal for concealing a variety of hair extensions and it also makes your hair look longer.

Sleek ponytail

A sleek ponytail is a fierce look that shows you’re here to get the job done! A sleek ponytail can be worn to work as well as a form formal evening event, luckily it’s easy to do too. Make sure you’re smoothing your hair out for a polished look.

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