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Let’s talk about man buns and man hair extensions. Would you be for it or against it? Or maybe you haven’t even given it a thought.

Ladies, if we could be honest, this look can be very sexy! For those who don’t believe me take a look for yourself! When I see a confident man sporting a man bun, it automatically commands my attention. While sometimes it may not be full enough or actually big enough to get a sufficient bun, the idea of a full head of hair tossed on top or pulled back into a scrunchy speaks volumes. In fact, the only time I find this look unsatisfying is when there is not enough hair to complete this look.

Ideally, when you see a guy sporting a man bun, it’s assumed to be all his! As A stylist with the first-hand experience, I beg to differ. More and more men are seeking this look and looking for some options. I often speak with men about hair extensions, especially when they are experiencing hair loss. In fact, I was surprised to learn that men struggle with hair loss and its effects just the same as women. For women, hair loss is devastating, and we immediately seek alternatives, but men usually accept it for what it is.

The man bun trend is not about hair loss; it’s more about a look and a style. And it definitely makes a statement when done right, with minimal effort, of course! That’s why this look is so appealing, and it looks free-spirited with a flair of confidence.

How To Do A Man Bun: With Microlink Install

What do you do when you desire the look, but you can’t grow it or need more time to grow it? The answer is as easy as the question, you add it! That’s right, add commercial hair to your man bun, problem solved. Hey, I get it this won’t be an option for every man who wants to wear a man bun, and some women will not be fond of the idea either, but it’s certainly an amazing alternative for those that are.If your still not convinced and want to learn more about this look and how it came to be, check out this blog post-

I know someone is doing a double-take right now, but you have heard me right! After all, who said adding hair to existing hair was just for women? While the concept may not be the social norm, it doesn’t cancel out that men appreciate hair trends just like any modern-day woman does. The truth is when weaves are flawlessly made, and it becomes quite difficult to determine who has added commercial hair and who has not. Nowadays, this, too, includes men!


Men don’t wear weaves! This couldn’t be further from the truth.

A man weave is simply a modern-day toupee. This term, “man weave,” was derived around 2018. It is simply a new term for men who wear any commercial hair, including extensions but, more specifically, it refers to the toupee.

Men have just as many insecurities about hair loss as women do.

Only feminine men opt for man weaves.

Men, just like women, feel more confident when they have hair.


How To Do A Man Bun: With Microlink Install1 How To Do A Man Bun: With Microlink Install How To Do A Man Bun: With Microlink Install How To Do A Man Bun: With Microlink Install How To Do A Man Bun: With Microlink Install How To Do A Man Bun: With Microlink Install

style. You can play with textures and fun design cuts. If you do a google search on man buns, I’m sure you would find hundreds of pictures and variations of the man bun!

At Hair Weaves and Extensions, I provide this service for about one man out of every seven clients. I have even more men the inquire but don’t quite work up the nerve to actually come in. However, more and more men are finding out that they, too, have options!

If you are a man or know a man who suffers from hair loss and desire to know more about the options you have, please do not hesitate to call us at 410-744-4900 or shoot us an email at, and we will be more than happy to help you in the judgment-free zone!