Take Your Extensions Services To The Next Level With Flat, Seamless Weaves

For any aspiring hairstylist, learning the various forms of installation is the first step to mastering the craft. By learning all the tricks of the trade with Lisa Robinson of Hair Weaves and Extensions MD you’re guaranteed to get the best training and knowledge.

The micro link hair extensions course will teach you everything you need to know about Lisa’s customized braid-less technique. Whether you’re learning to increase your clientele or add to your existing knowledge, this course will tell you everything about this versatile technique.

We teach you the best way to increase the longevity of your extensions through our braid-less technique for micro link extensions. The seamless method doesn’t need any tracks or braids, making it secure and cost-effective.

Lisa Robinson’s courses bring you certified, hands-on training from the leading hair extensions specialist. Having perfected her knowledge and techniques over the past 25 years, each course will equip you with the skills you need. From application, color-matching, and blending to removal and hair care advice, you’ll be trained to handle whatever comes your way!

If you’re in Catonsville, sign up for Lisa Robinson’s braid-less micro link course and learn all about this customized technique for seamless extensions!

Course Outline

This course is to teach students how to do my customized braid less technique using micro links. I have created this method myself because after many classes and tutorials I found that the methods taught did not hold up well, making it less cost effective. My braid less technique allows for a full three-month installment with minimal matenance in-between.

Learn how to create flat, seamless weaves using micro links.

  • How to properly place beads
  • How much tension to apply for minimal breakage
  • How to sew for flat seamless contouring weaves
  • Learn who and why is the best candidates for this service

Micro links are one of the newest trends in hair extensions, catch this wave and offer your clients a customized service they can’t get anywhere else!


Someone who wants to diversify their weave and extension clientele.
Someone who wants to learn state of the art techniques in hair extensions.