Learn How To Sew In Traditional Flat Weaves From The Expert, Lisa Robinson, Herself

As one of Catonsville’s leading hair extensions specialist, Lisa Robinson is an expert in everything related to hair. From hair advice, solutions, and options, there’s no hair concern that won’t be addressed when you visit Hair Weaves and Extensions MD.

With over 25 years of experience, Lisa Robinson shares extensive knowledge of her signature flat contouring weaves in her various weave sewing courses. Whether you already have some experience with weaving and are looking to learn advanced techniques or want to grow your salon’s clientele, these professional weave sewing classes are perfect for you.

Lisa Robinson doesn’t only teach her students what to do, she shows them how to correct the mistakes they’re making. Through her insightful tips and tricks, you’ll learn how to sew in long-lasting hair weaves in a way that they seamlessly contour your client’s head. Weaves are all about precision and Lisa’s in-depth flat weaves sewing courses will teach you everything you need to know about them. Rather than covering the hair, you’ll learn how to expertly accentuate the natural hair by laying down flat weaves into it.

Sign up for Lisa Robinson’s informative course on sewing flatweaves and learn from one of the best in the business!

Course Outline

Here students will learn how to sew in three traditional flat weaves.

  • Rows for blending
  • Weave with leave out
  • Weave with closing

Students will learn the proper stitching techniques to create seamless weaves that last. These sewing techniques will show you how to remove extra bulk and minimize spaces that weaken the foundation in a short time span. A good solid weave should be firm and contour the head from the time of installment until it is ready to be removed.

In this course, learn what to do and what not to do to separate your weaves from the masses!


Someone who has existing weaving skills.

Someone who wants to learn advanced weaving techniques.

Someone who wants to grow their weaving clientele.