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Hey there, thank you for stopping by! Let me kindly introduce myself. Many know me as Lisa. I am the owner of hairweavesandextensionmd.com. I have been a trusted and reputable hairstylist for about 30 years.I am known for my signature flat weaves! As a professional stylist, I have watched trends come and go. I think it’s safe to say hair extensions and other alternatives are here to stay. I started doing these services when they were a woman’s biggest secret, and now the secret is out. In fact, so many women seek these alternatives that it has become my primary business. I no longer do basic hair services such as wash and styling and chemicals. My business is hair extensions, hair replacement, and wigs.
Today we are focusing on wigs vs. weaves. Why one over the other and the pros and cons of both and how they serve as protective styles when done right.

Wigs vs. weaves have both come a long way with innovation and creative minds.

Let’s face it, these are not your grandmother’s wigs! Wigs can be made now to be tailor-fit, seamless, and wind-blown proof! They can be secured in many ways to feel like it’s growing straight from the scalp! Let’s get into it.


They have come such a long way. I remember back in the day, I would cringe at even the thought of a wig. They were bulky, usually always synthetic, or synthetic looking. With a one size fits all cap that didn’t give much flexibility when worn. Now wigs can be made in any style, any color, and custom fitted. We now offer lace attachments to give a natural scalp part. Or a natural hairline all the way around the perimeter. They can be worn with attachments like straps, clips, and even adhesives to ensure they don’t move or slide without permission!
There is a difference between store-bought wigs vs. one that is made and customized. Although beauty supply store wigs have improved drastically in style and innovation they still have a one size fits all approach.


Wigs can be considered a permanent attachment because of their longevity. I have made wigs for my clients that have lasted for up to 2 years! When properly cared for you can wear them for a very long time. It’s easy to always have a fresh look because they always remain placed without worrying about new growth showing like hair extensions that grow out and need to be removed.
Wigs can be a very protective style as they allow you to have access to your scalp. If you opt to have them sewn down or attached with adhesive, you are limited to getting to the scalp but with soft breathable caps, you still can care for your hair and scalp underneath. Wigs can always look beautiful when worn as they can always be replaced in their original placement.


 I cannot think of many cons about a nice premium custom wig, grasping for straws, I will say it’s not your hair. People who have a problem with extensions or additions to their hair may still struggle with wearing them. They can also be very pricey but when you consider their longevity of them it can still pan out to be a favorable option.
Bottom line, if you are looking for an effective long-term option, you don’t mind spending a bit more on the front end and a way to attend to hair and scalp care more often, wigs may be a great option for you.


For the past 30 years, traditional weaves have been my go-to for long-term protective styles. With so many options to match your texture and look even more natural than ever before. There was a time when you could choose to go straight or wet and wavy or deep wave. Now we have weaves that offer the kinkiest texture to the softest wave patterns and more. As an avid weave wearer, I always opt to find hair that looks exactly like my own afro kinky hair because I find it easier to blend with no fuss.
Weaves and wigs are considered protective styles because they allow you to braid the hair down and leave it dormant for a period of time, allowing the hair and scalp to do what it does naturally.
There are numerous ways to have a traditional weave installed such as full weaves with no leave-out, it’s called a closing. You can get a weave with leave out if your texture blends well with the weave. You can get a weave with closure, which is a lace attachment that sits in the center for a natural scalp part. And you can get a weave with a frontal which displays a full natural hairline.


Traditional weaves are one of the most protective styles. When installed flat and seamlessly they look very natural and realistic. Weaves offer a long-term option as they can be worn for 3 months with minimal upkeep.


Again, it still may take some getting used to if you are not comfortable with the overall idea of hair extensions. Once you have had a bad weave, one that is too tight, bulky, or unnatural looking, it may be hard to trust the process. Unlike wigs that can always be placed for a fresh look, weaves grow out over time which is why it is a 3-month install. The biggest con of traditional weaves is that they only work for afro, kinky, and textured hair because straight and wavy hair won’t hold the braids that are the foundation of the weave.
Overall, if you are less comfortable with the idea of a wig, having to take it off at night, or just want something that feels more permanent, weaves may be the right way to go!

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