Why I Love My Natural Hair In The Summer

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Here is why I love my natural hair in the summer months; it is the constant moisture that I love! Yes, I admit that humidity is no friend to any hairstyle. In fact, most are probably thinking of the opposite. For many stylists, summer is the slowest season because people don’t see the point of wasting money on hairstyles that don’t last due to extreme heat and humidity. But if you have natural hair you know the benefit to all the replenishment and moisture in the air!

Summer is the growing season. While winter is considered the dormant season so it makes sense to take advantage of the opportunity to allow the hair to do what it does best, retain moisture, and grow! While I apply layers of oils and lotions to my hair and skin daily during the cool season, I enjoy not having to do this nearly half as much in the warmer months.

In the winter months, I spend countless hours trying to provide my curls with moisture thru products, conditioners, and ultimately succumbing to protective styles because depending on how dry the climate is, I simply can not protect my hair and scalp from the elements. I am a big advocate for protecting your hair and scalp but I am an even bigger advocate for taking advantage of the freedom that I feel giving my natural curls a well-needed break.

My yearly hair routine:


I am in my traditional sewin weave during these months. I take Out my sew-in weave every two months. Once I remove my weave, I deep condition and re-install my weave. In between the weeks that my weave is in, I oil my scalp at least every two to three days.


I use this time to enjoy my hair and reap the benefits of my protective style all winter and fall long! I am able to keep my hair so soft with Design Essentials natural hair care products that I rarely even have to add the extra oils to my scalp! I generally keep my hair pulled up because I work out often and keeping it up helps keep the sweat out of my face and overall it helps keep me cooler.


During this time from September, I count the days down that, I will need to go into my protective weave. I never make it far past October because this is generally when I began to notice the change soon to come. Sometimes I may add a few rows of hair before I completely put it up for the fall/winter months.

Understanding your protective style

All weave styles are not protective. It is important to understand exactly what protects the hair and what does more damage! A protective style should not be tight but firm. It should allow full access to the scalp and also not add excessive weight to the hair. When these measures are properly met you will see great benefits! Some people opt to wear protective styles all year round. Some people like myself go seasonally, and some decide to give the hair a break randomly. Whichever you prefer, be sure to understand how to protect your natural hair so that you can enjoy all your new hair growth throughout the summer or whenever you prefer!