Halloween’s just around the corner! And you know what that means: scary costumes, tons of makeup, and loads and loads of hairspray! But when the spooktacular fun is over, what’s to become of our skin and hair after all that harsh treatment? We don’t want to wake up looking like a real-life Medusa the morning after the party!

Creating the perfect makeup look and the best hairstyle to go along with our costume is part of what makes Halloween so fun! But taking care of your hair post the dyeing, hair wax, hairspray, and glitter you’re going to be subjecting it to is equally important to prevent some scary hair horrors!

Check these hair care tips out to rock the perfect Halloween hairstyle without worrying about damaging your hair!

Temporary Hair Dyes

If you work a job where crazy colors are considered unprofessional, or simply don’t want to subject your hair to the harsh chemicals of bleaching and hair dyes, temporary hair colors may be just the thing for you!

Dye your hair green, red, or purple according to your costume, and walk back into work the next day with your natural hair color! Temporary hair dyes are also typically less harsh than permanent dyes and rarely require bleaching. Therefore, they’re much healthier for your hair’s health.

Deep Condition Your Hair

After the trick-or-treating is done, and all the festivities are over, the best thing you can do for your hair is to treat it to a nice deep conditioning. Shampoo off all the hair products in your hair and invest in a high quality, moisturizing conditioner to help repair the damage done to your locks over Halloween.

Props Are the New Hair Wax

Does your costume require gravity-defying, Marge Simpson-esque hair to complete the look? Instead of teasing and dousing your hair in mounds of hair wax or bottles of hairspray, look for props that you can use to create the same look without damaging your hair as much.

Working out the tangles from your hair after backcombing it can result in breakage, weak strands, and will have you wishing you chose an easier hairstyle to replicate for your Halloween look!

Wigs and Extensions

Using a wig or adding hair extensions to could be the best way to protect your hair during Halloween! Not only are you saving yourself the tons of after-costume hair care, you may even be able to pull off your costume even better!

Do you have short hair, but the costume requires long, waist length hair? Extensions are exactly what you need! Not only do they bear the brunt of all your styling, they also offer the desired length and volume you need to coif your hair perfectly! Have jet black hair but your costume requires platinum blonde hair? How about getting a weave instead?

About Hair Weaves and Extensions

Run by an expert cosmetologist with over 20 years of experience in the industry, Hair Weaves and Extensions is one of the best salons for all your hair needs in Maryland. Specializing in micro-link hair extensions as well as weave hair extensions, Lisa also makes custom wigs and is regarded as one of the best hair stylists. Our hair extensions can last up to 4 months with the right amount of care.

For more details on our services for hair weaves and micro link hair extensions, head over to our website or call us at 410-744-4900 for an appointment.

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