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When it comes to protective hairstyles that shield your hair from damage while making it look hip and trendy, braids certainly take the top spot. The versatility of braids makes them suitable for virtually every occasion. Whether you’re planning to attend a festival with your best friends or going on a picnic with your significant other, you can braid you hair in a number of styles to complement your outfit and overall look.

Here are some of our favorite chic and fun braided hairstyles that look stunning with hair extensions.

Voluminous French Braid

French braids are a classic every day hairstyle that you can choose to wear to class or gym. Begin by brushing your hair to remove all knots and tangles. Next, gather some of your hair at the crown of your head and divide them into 3 equal sections. Take the right most section and place it over the middle section and under the left most section. Repeat the same process and add an inch of hair to the left and right sections in each cycle. When you reach the end, tug at the loops of your braid. This will had volume and will also give it an effortless, messy look. Secure the end with a hair tie.

Braided Headband

This hairstyle is perfect for a wedding or a romantic evening.

Start by detangling your hair with a soft-bristled brush. Once all the tangles have been removed, take a section of hair from the bottom of your left ear and divide it into three smaller sections. Braid them by bringing the right most section over the middle one and under the left most one.

Repeat these steps until you’ve reached the end. Hold the end and use it to pull the braid across your head. Secure the end behind your right each with a bobby pin. You can also add loose curls to the rest of your hair to create a soft look.

Two Dutch Braids

Dutch braids were the go-to hairstyle of 2018 and it seems like the trend is definitely here to stay. You can create Dutch braids by dividing your hair into two equal sections and picking three strands of hair from the start of your hairline. Next, you’ll be braiding them outward. What this essentially means is that instead of bringing the left most strands over the middle one and under the right one, you’ll be taking it under the middle strand and over the right most strands to create a reverse braid.

Continue following these steps and add small sections of hair to the braid in each cycle. Secure the end with elastic and repeat the same process on the other side.

While these hairstyles are easy-to-follow, we know that braiding hair is no easy feat. If you’re looking for a styling expert in Maryland to help you recreate any of these looks, get in touch with Hair Weaves and Extensions!

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