Weave Care

You finally did it. You got yourself a brand new weave that glistens and gleams in all the right ways. You finally have the volume and length you dreamed of.

But what next?

It’s time to take care of those gorgeous inches and your natural hair underneath for texture and body maintenance!

If you want your bombshell weave to continue to look as stunning as it does now, here are some tips and tricks that will help you preserve it:

1. Shampoo and Condition Your Hair

With a new weave in place, it’s essential that you shampoo and condition your hair consistently.

If you co-wash your hair, don’t forget to use a clarifying shampoo to remove all traces of buildup—like dirt, oil, and debris. Skipping this could damage your weave and natural hair by trapping bacteria in it which will wreak havoc.

Be sure to check the ingredients of your shampoo and conditioner thoroughly to prevent damage caused by parabens and sulfates, however.

2. Befriend a Satin Scarf/Pillowcase

We can’t emphasize this enough; if you want to protect your weave by ensuring moisture retention overnight, it’s essential that you use a satin scarf or pillowcase.

Regular pillowcases and sheets that are made of cotton have harsh fibers that can damage hair texture, elasticity, and porosity. A satin scarf or pillowcase will keep your tresses soft, smooth, and tangle-free.

3. Scalp Oil Goodness

Scalp Oil

Scalp oil is a must-have for weaves! It’s the best way to deep-condition your natural hair while simultaneously giving your weave some much-needed TLC.

Invest in a nutrient-dense organic scalp oil that nourishes your scalp and feeds your follicles for healthy hair growth underneath your weave.

Our moisturizing and stimulating hair and scalp oils are packed with beneficial ingredients like sunflower oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, neem oil, and almond oil, among others.

Massage them into your scalp to promote blood circulation that will further activate your follicles and help promote thicker and healthier hair growth.

4. Stay Away From Toxic Products

Avoid toxic hair products like you avoid your ex!

Parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, and fragrance are four of the biggest culprits that are hidden in most over-the-counter hair products. Avoid them at all costs!

Instead, invest in organic products that are formulated and created by a reputable hair specialist. We do just that by offering a wide range of all-natural products, ranging from organic conditioning pomade to pure shea butter.

Not only will your weave soak in these beneficial products like a charm, but your natural hair will also thank you in the long run.

5. Heat? A Big No-No!

hair curling

Need we say more? Probably just a little to drive the point home.

Your weave is already full of life, texture, depth, and volume. So trust us when we say there’s no need for heat styling! You’re already have everything you could dream of and more.

Rock your locks without feeling the need to resort to damaging products, tools, and mechanisms that will cause irreversible damage.

Want more insight into how you can care for your gorgeous weave? Here are four tips that will bring your weave back to life. We also offer a wide range of premium hair services and courses such as traditional weaving coursehair extension sewing course and more! Get in touch with us now to turn all your hair goals into reality.


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