Custom Wigs

Wigs can act as an excellent and very realistic-looking alternative to your natural hair, awkwardly fixed hairpieces, and painful hair replacement procedures and surgeries. For those suffering hair loss, thinning or shedding, or wanting to keep their own hair safe against styling, wigs are easy to customize and add to your hair care routine.

Some of the best hair types and styles that can be selected for natural-looking custom wigs include the following:

Wavy hair

Tired of your natural kinky curls and looking for a change? Or have you experienced extreme hair fall and want your natural hair to grow back safely? You can always opt for wavy hair textures when it comes to wigs. They’re a good alternative to full-blown curls and easier to manage. If they’re made of human hair, there’s nothing quite like it because you can change up the style all you want.

Straight textures

For people who are tired of having waves and curls, this is your chance to shine! Try a sleek, straight wig with full coverage that allows you to look and feel like a new person without damaging the hair that’s underneath. This also works for people with naturally straight hair that they want to match through their wigs and hair replacement.

Curly wigs


Other options include completely curly hair textures that are close to your own. This way, you can maintain your appearance without having to worry about your scalp and natural hair underneath the wig. Let your curls bounce to the beat of their own drums!

Lace front wigs

Lace front wigs are the most common type of installations because they allow you to style your hair however you want. The delicate lace in the front resembles a natural hairline, so it doesn’t give away the fact that you have a wig on.

Full sew-ins

These are different because they require you to sew the wig into a cap or parts of the hair—kind of like a weave. However, they can be difficult to remove or feel heavy. They’re still a popular option for long-term wear because they keep the hair from moving and make styling much easier.

Need a Custom Wig?

Catonsville-based stylist, Lisa Robinson, offers custom wig services to her customers, helping them regain their confidence and sense of self after hair loss. For a reasonable price, she creates custom wigs and replacement pieces that can be fitted and installed for easy use.

She offers a range of extensive hair replacement and fitting services that include full-lace front wigs, weaves, and extensions that you can get altered to match your natural or current hair.

Lisa Robinson offers consultations, coloring, and measurements to ensure that your wig looks like your natural hair or any desired look you choose. Contact her to learn more about her services.

If you’d like to learn from her, register for her hair weave courses and learn how to sew-in traditional weaves and much more.


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