Natural Curls

With fall comes a whole new set of bad hair days, hair fall, and a curly head of hair that just won’t behave. With the shorter days and colder weather, fall is the perfect time to give a little extra TLC to your hair.

Natural curls lose moisture and look frizzy, become unkempt and are hard to manage during fall, but worry not, we’ll walk you through a few simple changes in your fall hair care routine that will lead to a more luscious, fuller head.

Try Pre-Poo Treatments

Since shampoos and cleansing chemicals strip hair of its moisture, making it brittle and frizzy, pre-poo (or pre-shampoo) treatments are great for reducing damage and encouraging good hair health.

Most popular pre-poo treatments include carrier oils like olive oil, coconut oil, or almond oil with a few added drops of essential oils—depending on the quality of your hair and where you want to go with it. For example, if you’re looking to add softness and shine, coconut oil with a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil makes a good treatment, but if you want to grow out your hair, its best to go with a combination of olive or avocado oil with rosemary.

When you’ve decided what oil works best for you, apply it to your hair an hour before your shower and then wash it out following your normal routine. Your fall hair will thank you for it!

Pro tip: heat the oil for 5 seconds in a microwave (a minute in a double boiler) before applying for the best results (this activates all the helpful ingredients in the oil and makes it easier to absorb it)

If you’re looking for high-end treatments, try our original scalp oil with a few drops of our rosemary tea tree oil; we promise you’ll love the results!

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Deep Condition Like Crazy!

The environmental dryness of fall and added hair damage from heating tools, bleaching and sunlight damage hair shafts, making them easy to break and hard to manage. If you want to grow your hair out or encourage healthy curls, try deep conditioning treatments.

These put a lot of elasticity back into your hair, bring back moisture, add shine, and even promote hair growth. Deep conditioning is especially important to curly hair because the moisture refines your natural curl pattern—giving you hair fit for a crown!

For the best results, try our tea tree oil for hair growth.

Consider Less-Poo!

We understand that most of us feel that it’s necessary to wash our hair every day or even every other day, but here’s what happens when you do: the shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils, causing it to fall and break. It also encourages the buildup of dandruff on your scalp.

Hairstylists are increasingly recommending a no-poo or at the very least, a less-poo hair routine to encourage natural moisture and hair health. Most stylists argue that it is enough to wash your hair only a couple of times a week—anything more than that is doing more damage than good.

We understand that this might be difficult, so switching to natural cleansers like shampoo bars or dry shampoo is a good idea.

Now that you have all the tips, all you need are some products to keep your natural curls looking gorgeous this fall. Head over to our store at Hair Weaves and Extensions MD and check out our hair care products online.



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