Curly haired girls know the woes of dealing with downright stubborn hair. When we wake up in the morning, we’ve got a whole bird’s nest situation on our hands to deal with. In the summer, the heat doesn’t do us any favors because frizz is the uninvited guest to your routine Sunday brunch. But we know better than ever, that come summer months, we’ve got to hydrate, hydrate and HYDRATE.

The only reason why our hair gets so frizzy is because it’s so dry that it’s desperately reaching out to the air for moisture. That’s why your hair ends up looking like you have just been electrocuted.

Curly hair also tends to be more easily dried out and needs a lot more tender loving care.  With these simple tips to add to your everyday routine, you’re going to be rocking your curls this summer.

Ditch the heated styling

Love and embrace your curls and ditch the damaging styling equipment. Straighteners, blow driers and curling irons make your hair look great temporarily but damage your roots in the long run. If you want to make your hair look healthy, use a leave in product after washing your hair and let it air dry. You can maintain the texture of the hair by cutting back on the use of hot irons and heat to your hair and by adding just a bit of serum or gel.

Protect yourself from the sun

It’s no secret that the UV rays from the sun can damage your skin. But did you know that they also have an adverse affect on your scalp? Protecting your hair from direct heat from the sun is very important, especially if you stay exposed to the outdoors for longer periods of time.

Wrap a silk scarf around your head to cover them from the sun, or wear a sun hat whenever you head out to stay cool.

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Drink Lots of Water

Nourishing your hair from the outside is important but you have to take care of your body from within as well. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Your hair can suffer from lack of water intake, so double the amount of water you usually drink in the summers.

Try to avoid intake of caffeinated substances or excess alcohol as it can also dehydrate your body in the summers.

Condition the roots too

For natural curly haired girls, even those who have weaves and hair extensions, conditioning the roots are super important to maintain the nourished look. Hair can get sweatier in the summer and you may feel the need to wash it more often. Wash your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo to give it the moisture it needs and rinse it out. You can even use a little bit as leave in to give your curls more definition.

These tips also apply to those with weaves and hair extensions because your roots need the nourishment just as much. Our head cosmetologist Alithea Robinson will take care of your hair needs at the best hair salon in Maryland.

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