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Many ladies opt for weaves simply because their natural hair is too difficult to manage. Weaves offer a lot more versatility, however, they are sewn on to your natural hair. If your natural hair isn’t cared for, you wouldn’t be able to get weaves!

You will eventually have to remove the weave, but your natural hair will still need to be looked after.

Check out these top tips on how to look after the hair under your weave:

Shampoo and Condition Regularly

Although hair is just dead tissue, you should still wash it regularly to maintain softness and sheen. Pour some shampoo in your palms and gently massage it into your scalp using your fingertips.

Instead of balling up the shampoo on your head, work it through the length of your weave hair. Let the water guide you and rinse it off thoroughly.

Condition your weave just as you would your regular hair. Wring your hair to get rid of excess water, take a dollop of conditioner and rub it in the hair (not scalp). Leave the condition in her for 4-6 minutes before rinsing it out.

Nourish Your Scalp with Oil

natural hair

Your natural hair is hiding beneath your weave. To prevent it from getting dry and brittle, you should get into the habit of massaging natural oils into your scalp.

If you have a weave of natural hair, getting a little oil onto it won’t matter, but if you have a synthetic weave, use oils that come in an applicator bottle so you have greater control over how much and where you’re pouring. Use lightweight formulas that are easy to wash off.

Show Your Weave Some Love

You’ll change your weave after a few months but that doesn’t mean do you don’t need to care for it. The more you care for your weave, the longer it will last.

Aside from cleansing, your weave will need to be combed through to prevent tangles. Before you sleep, wrap your weave up in a satin cap.

A weave of human hair can be treated like your own hair; any serums or oils you use on your hair can be used on the weave too.

Remove the Hair When Recommended

If your scalp is healthy, it should grow ½-1 inch under your weave. When you get your weave, the stylist will tell you how long you should keep it.

Keeping the weave for too long will make it look matted and dull over time. Also, your hair will grow out dry and brittle.

Hair weaves give you a lot of flexibility, you can style and color your hair as you please. That being said, you still need to look after your hair because without it you won’t be able to get sewn-ins. You will replace your weave after a few months, but by looking after your own hair, you can make sure it stays forever.

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