Deep conditioning has loads of benefits for your hair and it can quite literally breathe life back in to your hair. Most of us don’t even realize the extent of the damage to our hair before it’s too late. To reverse some of the heat damage to your hair, deep conditioning it is a great option. Even if you’re not trying to salvage your hair from its super burnt or dried out state, you can deep condition it to maintain the lusciousness of your hair.

While lots of products promise to restore the health of your hair, you can’t always trust the product. You also need to know how to apply deep conditioners properly to make sure it actually works for you. How to get the most out of your deep conditioner?

We’ve got the do’s and don’ts here for you.

Be regular

Inviting a deep conditioner in your life is a lifestyle change. You’re going to have to make adjustments to your routine to make sure you’re investing enough time in this hair care. Deep conditioning makes hair less prone to frizz, and depending on the current state, you should decide how often you want to include the process in your hair washing routine.

Most people do it once a week, but if you think your hair needs more rescuing than twice a week or every alternate day is a good idea. If your hair is well on its way to recovery, DON’T overdo the deep conditioning or you can make your hair limp and lifeless.

Choose the deep conditioner wisely

DON’T buy into whatever it says on the product. With hair products for curly hair, it’s a lot of trial and error. Only when you try the product will you be able to tell if it works for you or not. What may work for someone, may not suit your hair texture the same way.

Your deep conditioner should have fatty alcohol, emollients, water, hydrolyzed protein and gentle surfactant as the mandatory ingredients because your hair needs these the most. Make sure whichever deep conditioner you choose has these on the ingredients list at the back.

Alternate with protein treatment


DON’T leave the deep conditioner in your hair for too long. The minimum amount of time it should stay on your hair is fifteen minutes and a maximum is an hour. You can even wrap a microfiber towel or a silk scarf or a cotton t-shirt around your hair, to make sure you pack in the heat.

For optimum health, you can alternate between protein treatments and deep conditioners. Protein treatments with keratin, amino acids and hydrolyzed proteins will nourish the follicles and stimulate hair growth and retention.

Apply to the ends

DON’T forget about the ends. Apply your deep conditioner to the ends of the hair which are more prone to breakage and splits. Deep conditioners are richer in terms of their consistency and what they’re made of. They can weigh your hair down if applied to the roots, so focus application on the length of the hair.

Heat up your conditioner

Warm conditioner will be more effective on your hair and double the impact it has. You can heat up the conditioner in warm water in your shower before you apply it to your hair. This will make it easier for your hair to absorb it.

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