Have you ever tried finding peace in the midst of all the noise and distraction around you? This comes easy for some, but for me not so much. I’m on a constant quest for balance and I like many, find myself distracted by the noise of social media, work lines and emails! But, not only business and social, family demands as well. The balance between the world and peace of mind is extremely thin.

Just about all these things are distracting with nonsense, (sometimes) including family . It’s so easy to look up and realize you’ve wasted a lot of time engaging in things that don’t mean anything, or at best; they can wait. These distractions throw us off every time! I can speak for myself in that just like working out to stay fit and healthy is a never ending quest, so is the balancing acts of life. For me exercise and balancing life have become as natural as drinking water.

For me it is about getting on top of day, this is why I’m generally awake one or two hours before my day has to officially start. I sit in silence for at least twenty minutes before my feet even touch the floor. It also means exercise, listening to motivational speaking, a cup of coffee etc.. If I had to jump into my morning any other way it would throw me off and I wouldn’t be at my best. Society and social, influences us to just go. Consume more, do more, and everything we need or want is at the tip of our finger with one swipe or click. No wonder people can’t figure out if their coming or going! No wonder why adults suffer attention deficit just as much as the youth, the broad spectrum between everyday life and peace of mind is staggering!

Not only do we spend our day to day taking all of these things in we are also being affected by all the things that we see, hear and as a result; feel. At one point, I was so consumed with life that I never took time to smell the roses. I worked so much and became so busy in the salon that eventually, my physical being took a toll, I was so stressed out that I was hard to be around. Now, my stress level is at a minimum, it’s hard to believe I am the same person. Its not that change came easy, its that balance and peace became very important. It became a matter of physical and mental health.

I have even learned to live a minimalist lifestyle in exchange for peace and detachment from things. Again, this is day by day and each moment at a time process. All things that we maintain are generally work and progress, eliminating clutter and dysfunction are no different. I de-clutter and work daily to stay within my center. And I will never again be consumed by the world or things that don’t mean much to me.


WAKE UP EARLY EACH MORNING- I start my morning with thankfulness, and I am able to power through my day with gratitude.

WORKOUT- Exercising in the morning is one of the most important parts of my day.

ACUPUNCTURE- For overall wellness and, you guessed it, balance!

TIME ALONE- I can not stress enough how important my me time is! I take me out on dates, I go on vacations, I even like to have alone time to reflect on my birthday.

DECLUTTER- I make a point to remove old unwanted things out of my space on a regular occasion, if it has no purpose it can not stay. It is a known fact that we can not clear our minds in an unclear space.

What are some of the things that you do for personal happiness, peace and balance?

Life will always throw lemons at you,–you better learn how to make lemonade.


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